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Can You Use Vaped Weed In A Yogurt?

Can Vaped Weed Be Put In Yogurt?

If you are looking for ways to make use of your ABV leftovers rather than throwing those cannabinoids away, you might be wondering if you could put them in yoghurt?

Well, you can indeed put your ABV in yoghurt if you are feeling experimental, you should consider that this already vaped weed however can taste bitter if the flavours are not masked well.

We’ve put together our top guide below to help you find ways you can use your ABV leftovers in yoghurt, how much ABV to use, why you should re-use your ABV and some other ideas if you are feeling experimental.

How To Use ABV In Yoghurt

Mixing your ABV into yoghurt is one of the easiest ways to get a second high out of your vaped weed and make use of it. ABV can taste pretty bitter however since it’s already been heated in the vape, you need to try to use the best yoghurt possible with a higher fat percentage to bind to the weed.

  • Mix in Greek yoghurt – Pick your full-fat Greek yoghurt and grind your ABV even more than mix in and enjoy!
  • Try a corner – Fruit corners are a great type of yogurt to use with your ABV since the sweet taste can mask the weed.
  • Let it marinate in a pint – Why not try making a big pint of yogurt with your ABV, simply blend it all to avoid any rough grinds and make sure to label it!

How Much Vaped Weed Is Safe To Consume?

It can be hard to measure how much vaped weed one should consume in edibles since you can’t measure how much THC it has in it, some people say ABV has up to 20-30% of cannabinoids left in it which you get high.

For the first time consuming we would suggest using one gram of ABV per person then increasing to two grams if you find it to be too little.

Why You Should Make Use Of Vaped Weed

ABV stands for already been vaped weed, as we mentioned above, due to the vaping process not being as harsh as smoking this vaped weed can still get high and is perfect for using in edibles since it’s already been part cooked.

This allows you to save money by getting high twice rather than throwing away your weed or re-smoking it which can be bad for your health and doesn’t taste that great.

Other Edible Ideas For Using ABV

Combining your vaped weed with yogurt isn’t one of the only ways you can consume it, we’ve listed a few other edible ideas to try below.

  • Weed brownies – By making cannabutter or oil you can mix this into a brownie recipe and have ABV brownies for a sweet high.
  • Cannabutter and oil – Cannabutter and oil are one of the first edibles you should try baking with your ABV to eliminate the bitter taste.
  • Crackers – Try making firecrackers by sprinkling your ABV on crackers and roasting in the oven for around 10 minutes, pair with Nutella or peanut butter inside.
  • In hot drinks – Why not try sprinkling hot drinks such as coffee or hot chocolate with ABV, you could also grind some up with your coffee grounds!

Last Words

To round up our guide, you can put vaped weed in yogurt and it’s safe to consume, just try to make it flavoured yoghurt for a better taste, we would also suggest mixing this ABV into other recipes such as brownies or butter for a sweeter high.

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton

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