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Can I Make Cannabutter With Vaped Weed? Read It Here!

Our Guide To Re-Using Your Vaped Weed In Cannabutter!

Reusing vaped weed is a great way to be money-conscious rather than throwing away perfectly okay cannabis, it allows you to get high twice out of the same weed!

Cannabutter is one of the best ways to re-use your leftover vaped weed and works great due to the vape already partially activating the plant from its heat source, it’s easy to make too!

In our guide below we will explore whether or not recycling vape weed is safe, the types of ways you can re-use your vaped weed, how to make the best fresh canna butter and oil as well as some alternative ways to make use of leftover vaporizer material.

Is It Safe To Recycle Vaped Weed?

Most people assume once you’ve already vaped your weed the grams of vaporizer leftovers are essentially trash since they’ve already been heated right? 

Well, no, your wrong, vaping weed is one of the best ways to ingest cannabis since it’s heated at low temperatures keep it strong in terms of potency rather than burnt, allowing you to make use of the leftover pieces. 

Keeping your vape on a low temperature bakes the herb meaning the healing herbs are left with a high THC to still make use of, if your leftovers are black then your vape is on much too high of a setting.

What Can I Make With Vaped Weed Leftovers? 

If you feel like getting creative you can make a variety of ingestible foods and drinks with your vaped weed leftovers. 

We’ve listed a few ideas for you to check out below. 

  • Edibles. 
  • Cannabutter. 
  • Cannaoil. 
  • Hot drinks. 
  • Making tincture. 

What Does Water Curing Mean For Vaped Weed?

Since vaped weed leftovers are not the tastiest type of consumable, water curing can help bring vaped weed back to life and is suggested if you want to use it in edibles such as cannabutter for example. 

You should allow your mixture to sit for around 3 days after following the water curing steps below.

  1. Soak your vaped weed wrapped up in a teabag from a cheesecloth in a pan of water and allow it to sit for around five hours. 
  2. Replace the water and repeat for three days then spread the vaped weed out on a baking sheet and bake for around two hours shaking once at 200 degrees.

How To Make Cannabutter & Cannaoil With Vaped Weed 

One of the best ways to reuse vaped weed is by making cannabis butter, this could then be used in a brownie mix, on toast or in any kind of cooking, if your going to make cannabis butter you might be interested in making cannabis oil too since they follow a similar method. 

For the cannabis butter, we suggest choosing the highest fat content type of unsalted butter, this allows the plant to attach better to the molecules, for the oil, high-fat options such as coconut oil are an excellent choice.

We’ve put together the best steps for making both your cannaoil and cannabutter below. 


  • Half an ounce of your vaped weed. 
  • Half a cup of oil or butter. 
  • A quart saucepan. 
  • Wooden spoon. 
  • Container. 
  • Scale. 
  • Cheesecloth.

Step By Step Method

  1. Begin by weighing out your weed then place it into the cheesecloth and wrap the vaped weed into a bundle type tea bag, place the teabag in the centre of your saucepan. 
  2. Now take your half cup of butter or oil and pour it into the pan, on the lowest heat setting bring the weed into butter to a simmer and slowly mix. 
  3. Allow the mix to simmer for around 20 minutes so that it can infuse properly then take off the heat. 
  4. Squeeze the tea bag into your warm butter or oil, take the cheesecloth and use it as a strainer to strain the butter or oil mix into a plastic container. 

Other Ways To Re-use Vaped Weed

If you’re not keen on butter or you’ve already made cannabis butter and you are eager to see how else you can re-use your vaped weed there are plenty of other creative ways to get the most out of your vaped weed.

We’ve listed some other ways to re-use your vaped weed down below. 

Make Edibles 

We’ve already listed two types of edibles you can make with your vaped weed above, cannabutter and cannaoil, but you can also try sprinkling the vaped weed in baked goods such as cakes or even as a salad topping! 

One of the best parts about using vaped weed in your baked goods is that it does need to go through the decarboxylating process again as the vape already heated and activated it, we would suggest water curing the cannabis beforehand to avoid a bad taste.

Try Capsules 

Capsules can be a convenient way to enjoy your leftover vaped weed, they are however a little slower to be absorbed into the bloodstream. 

Simply buy yourself some empty gel capsules and add your leftover vaped weed in moderation to each capsule, be careful of the amount you use since it has an unknown potency.

Fancy a Hot Drink?

One of the best ways next to cannabutter to enjoy vaped weed is by putting it into a hot drink! Either add to your coffee grounds or granules or simply sprinkle it inside of your coffee or tea. Cannaboids can bind well to the fat of milk and any sweeteners you add should help to mask the bad taste of the weed.

Re-Smoke It 

This is one of the least preferred ways to re-use your vaped weeds and is not friendly to your lungs. This is due to the fact you are not using the fresh ground herb, browned scraps can taste pretty bad and cause irritation when inhaled, they also will not give much of a THC effect.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Cannabutter With Vaped Weed

Is vaped weed as good as the fresh herb? 

Vaped weed has a lot of THC left in it since vaping does not expose the bud to high heat, allowing it to maintain its high properties. This will never be able to match the THC of fresh herb but is worth using instead of throwing away.

Can you make edible cocoa butter with vaped weed? 

Yes, in the same way, you make regular cannabutter you can also make cannabis cocoa butter, this will work well due to cocoa butter having a high-fat content which allows the cannabis to bind to the molecules.

What is green cannabis butter? 

It is simply the same as normal regular cannabutter except the green pigmentation of the plant is strong enough to change the colour of the butter.

Last Words 

To conclude, cannabutter is one of the best ways to use up vaped weed instead of throwing away valuable weed with THC still left. We always suggest water curing your vaped weed before using it in any edible to eliminate a bitter taste. 

You can also re-use vaped weed in hot drinks, capsules or by re-smoking it, this is not ideal for your lungs however since the vaped weed would be exposed to high temperature twice, killing off most of its THC and making it irritable.

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton

Im Ryan, a Medical Cannabis Activist & Blog Owner @ I started the blog as a medium to answer questions and grow the awareness of the herb. Along with the medicinal properties, cannabis can help grown the economy with its vast amount of taxable finances. Less violent properties than alcohol, cannabis legalisation is inevitable.

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