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Can I Use My Vaped Weed In Brownie? Find Out Here!

Our Best Guide To Making ABV Brownies

Dry vape weed leftover can have around 20-30% of cannabinoids left in it, which is a high level of THC to just chuck in the bin, meaning you should make use of these precious cannabinoids. 

Vaped weed can be used in all sorts of edibles, weed brownies being one of them, but to use vaped weed inside of your brownies it’s best to make the brownie recipe with cannabutter.

To help you out with making the best ABV brownies, we’ve put together our guide below which will discuss why you should re-use vape, a recipe for making vaped weed brownies plus a few other ideas for re-using vape weed.

Why Re-Use Vaped Weed? 

ABV stands for already been vaped weed, brown color ABV still has high cannabinoid levels and terpenes in it making ABV valuable, the darker your leftover weed the more burnt it is. 

The stronger the fresh flower weed the better your ABV weed will be, vaped weed is better to be re-used than smoked weed since it has been heated at a lower temperature, preserving all the nutrients.

Our Best Recipe For Vaped Weed Brownies 

If it’s your first time making ABV brownies, you might be tempted to go and throw the ABV straight into your brownie mix and bake, the better way would be to make your own ABV butter first then use this in the chocolate brownies.

How To Make Cannabutter 

  1. Choose a high-fat butter and melt 100g in a pan on low heat, use a cheesecloth to wrap your ABV in tea bag style and place in the mix. 
  2. Allow the mix to simmer for around 20 minutes then squeeze the tea bag into the butter to get all the flavour. 
  3. Lets the butter set and become hard in the fridge.

How To Make ABV Brownies


  • 100g of ABV butter. 
  • 200g of caster sugar.
  • Two eggs. 
  • 25g of cocoa powder. 
  • Drop of vanilla extract. 
  • One dairy milk crushed. 
  • 60g of self-raising flour.


  1. Start by preheating your oven to around 180 degrees then grease and flour a baking tin. 
  2. Beat your sugar and butter together in a bowl then combine the sugar mixture with eggs. 
  3. In another bowl mix, your dry ingredients then add to the wet along with the vanilla and dairy milk. 
  4. Spread the entire mixture in your pan and bake for around 18-20 minutes.

Other Ideas For Re-Using Vaped Weed 

If you don’t like brownies or your looking for other creative ways to re-use your ABV, we’ve listed a few other ideas to get the most out of those valuable cannabinoids below. 

Make THC Capsules 

Infuse your cannabis into some coconut oil then place it inside of some empty capsules, start with a low amount of ABV so you can get an idea about the potency.

Try Fire Crackers 

Firecrackers are the easiest kind of edible to make with your ABV, spread peanut butter on crackers then sprinkle your ABV on top, sandwich together then bake in the oven for around 30 minutes, this can be intense so we suggest sprinkling in moderation.

Make a Tincture 

Tincture requires effort but it’s essentially just soaking your weed in alcohol for a long period until it breaks down the marijuana and become an oil. This can then be consumed in a dropper under your tongue.

Smoke it 

This is the least preferred method but you could always just smoke your ABV, a warning though, might not taste good, we would suggest only using brown ABV in this case. 

Make Cannaoil 

In the same way, you make cannabutter you can also make cannaoil by infusing the vaped weed in your oil on the pan then straining. Oil can be used in baked goods as well as cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Vaped Weeds In Brownies 

Can I make a cake with ABV? 

Yes, in the same way, you make brownies you can also make a cake with your ABV, we would suggest infusing it as butter first then using it in the recipe for a better taste.

Do you have to water infuse ABV first? 

It is recommended you soak your ABV in some water for a few days before using it to get rid of the bad taste, but this is not essential.

Why does ABV need to be vaped first? 

ABV works so well in edibles due to the fact decarboxylation means the ABV has already been baked, they do not taste good straight, however.

Last Words  

Overall, vaped weed in brownies is a great way to make use of your ABV while masking its unpleasant taste, we suggest using it in a cannabutter first to allow it to bind to the fat and get the most out of the cannabinoids in the leftover weed. 

Do not use black or burnt ABV in your edibles since they will likely not have any THC left and will also likely taste bad.

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton

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