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Can I Vape Weed In Public? Read On!

With retail cannabis products hitting the shelves in many legalized states, you may be curious where exactly you can use cannabis infused products. With such a variety of products available, from CBD oil to THC containing vaping products, knowing the law is very important.

Can you vape weed in public? No, and you shouldn’t under any circumstance. Not only are marijuana products subject to the same restrictions as tobacco products, but you also can’t use them in spaces which are open to the public.

So if you can’t smoke them indoors like tobacco, and you can’t vape cannabis outside, where exactly is the consumption of cannabis permitted?

While possession of cannabis has been legalized, laws still vary. For example, some states only permit the possession of medicinal marijuana. 

This means recreational cannabis can still get you into some serious trouble, not to mention the looming threat of vape regulation thanks to e-cigarette-related health or product issues. 

Public Spaces and Marijuana Products

With such a variety of products available containing concentrated cannabis, you would think that you would be allowed to vape outdoors just like smoking cigarettes

However, thanks to the psychoactive substances and cannabinoids in weed, vaping cannabis in public is considered a health risk due to second hand smoke. 

A warning to public health, even the most remote areas with public access will not allow you to vape marijuana legally. 

National parks, such as Rohnert Park, are just one example. Rohnert Park and other national parks are prohibited by the law of the state to crack down on public use of THC containing products.

You also can’t vape weed while in your own motor vehicle. While operating residential vehicles or heavy machinery under the influence of cannabis is obviously dangerous, even sitting in the car can be illegal. 

With hot boxing being such a popular pass time for recreational users, this can seem a bit extreme. 

On top of all this though, possession of an open container of marijuana for any reason in a car while its driving is illegal is almost every state. 

Medical reasons or not, whether you are smoking blunts or using electronic smoking devices, the law states that you can still be charged with possession. 

THC Vaping Products and the Workplace

While cannabis cigarette smoking may be one thing for recreational use, what if you have a medical need for cannabis? Can you vape in the workplace?

Sadly, the answer is still no. While not using weed products in public, tobacco restrictions also apply to the work environment. 

This means the use of marijuana is strictly prohibited, and your employer is not at all obligated to provide a space for you to ingest medical marijuana. 

Consuming medicinal weed will have to be done on your own time, which can be difficult with all these limitations on the use of these products. 

While we can hope that laws will get updated and modernized as legal weed progresses, at the present moment in time the restrictions can be quite extreme.

Thankfully, if weed proves to have good medical value and pose less of a public safety risk, the taxable income it provides will allow restrictions to ease over time. 

Can You Vape Cannabis on Private Property?

So where can you vape weed? Surely you can vape cannabis on your own private property, your own home or apartment, right?

While you can smoke and vape weed on your own private property, renters will have to exercise a little bit more caution when it comes to cannabinoids. 

Some landlords and property agencies have clauses which prohibit marijuana consumption in their rent agreements and contracts. 

Most states allow this type of clause to exist, but thankfully most realtors can make an exception if you have a prescription for medicinal marijuana

For those consuming cannabis recreationally, you may struggle to get this clause lifted and removed, so you may be stuck looking for a new property. 

If you own a mortgage instead, then you are free to consume marijuana as if you owned the property completely, and you do not need to worry about the bank intervening. 

So long as you keep up regular mortgage payments, the bankers are unlikely to care about what you do in the privacy of your own home, even if they are still getting paid back for it. 

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton

Im Ryan, a Medical Cannabis Activist & Blog Owner @ I started the blog as a medium to answer questions and grow the awareness of the herb. Along with the medicinal properties, cannabis can help grown the economy with its vast amount of taxable finances. Less violent properties than alcohol, cannabis legalisation is inevitable.

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