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Are Weed Vape Pens Legal In The UK?

Is It Legal To Use a Weed Vape Pen In The UK? – Our Guide

Since weed has become legalised in some parts of the US, weed vape pens are on the rise on the market with growing sales even in the UK, but are they legal to use in the UK? 

Weed vape pens are legal to use in the UK, but only if they don’t contain any THC, you can use CBD in your vape containing THC up to 0.2%, always make sure you have a certificate stating the ingredients inside.

In our guide below we will discuss which type of weed vapes are legal in the UK, what else you should be aware of when buying weed vapes in the UK, the benefits of using a weed vape, which weed is not legal in the UK and what happens if you get caught with it in your weed vape. 

Most cannabis products are still illegal in the UK, however, a weed vape is not illegal and can be used with CBD since it doesn’t contain a high amount of THC which is the drug that gets you high. 

You can use full-spectrum weed with less than 1mg of THC or CBN since you will not get a ‘high’ from the CBD, we would not suggest for cannabis users to use their weed vape in public places, however, the same rules apply as electronic cigarettes.

  • CBD capsules. 
  • CBD oil. 
  • CBD edibles. 
  • CBD tinctures. 
  • Hemp oil with less than 1mg of THC.

Why You Should Be Cautious Of Weed Vapes In The UK 

Even though weed vapes are legal in the UK you should still be careful about the kinds of weed vapes you buy and the vape liquid that you use. 

There has been a lot of reports of synthetic cannabis being used inside of weed vapes rather than actual cannabis which can be dangerous to your health, these street products were called ‘spice’. 

It’s best to either use your own homemade weed vape juice inside of your device or buy from a certified seller to be on the safe side.

What Are The Benefits Of Using a Weed Vape? 

If you are just getting into using cannabis vape products then you might be wondering about how these medicinal cannabis products can benefit a first-time user. 

We’ve listed some advantages of using a CBD weed vape below. 

  • You can choose your dose – Using vape juice allows you to choose exactly how much CBD you want to vape.
  • It absorbs CBD fast – Vaping your CBD allows it to be absorbed into your bloodstream quicker than other methods.
  • Tastes better – Due to the way that CBD is heated it tastes much smoother from a vape rather than through smoking a joint.
  • Choice of flavour – Cannabis vape liquid comes in a huge variety of flavours, from candyfloss to other sweets.

Learning that weed vapes are legal in the UK can be confusing, because weed itself is still classed as a Class B drug. 

Only CBD is currently legal to vape with in the UK, the UK changed its laws on medical marijuana back in 2018 however classes the THC part of the drug as still illegal. 

CBD oil is also legal in the UK due to it having a wide range of health benefits for issues such as insomnia and depression as well as chronic pain, this is because once again, you can’t get high from CBD due to the low percentage of THC inside.

To buy legal CBD oil in the UK it must have all their ingredients listed, not make any medical claims, have less than 1mg of THC inside and have the details of the manufacturer listed too.

What Happens If You Get Caught With Weed In The UK? 

If you do use weed with THC in your vape your technically breaking the law, depending on the amount, you will likely be let off with a warning, but if caught again you could be fined and your vape will likely be confiscated. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Weed Vape Pens In The UK

Where should I buy my weed vape from? 

Only buy your weed vape and weed vape juice from certified sellers with reviews, your CBD should always have a list of ingredients too stating the amount of THC inside.

Is synthetic cannabis the same as recreational cannabis? 

No, synthetic cannabis can be deadly in some people causing headaches, allergic reactions and other negative side effects, these blackmarket products should be avoided at all costs.

Are CBD flowers legal in the UK?

No CBD flowers contain THC and are still illegal in the UK.

What are some side effects of CBD?

Some side effects of CBD are improved mood, less pain, anxiety and inflammation.

How easy is it to get cannabis in the UK?

Getting cannabis in the UK is not legally very easy, you can get medical prescriptions from the NHS but this still is limited to several illnesses and not common, the weed given is not usually of high quality either.

Last Words 

Overall, weed vape pens are legal in the UK as long as you are only vaping them with CBD inside that contains less than 1mg of THC inside. Always buy your weed vape from certified sellers to avoid synthetic cannabis and avoid using our vape in public places. 

CBD vaping can be used for medical purposes such as boosting your mood and reducing pain.

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton

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