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Why Does My Weed Vape Pen Taste Burnt? Read It Here!

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Vaping is a very popular method of consuming various herbs and is made possible by the invention of the weed vape pen.

These devices allow users to vape the herbs in a way that resembles smoking, but without the negative effects of cigarette smoke.

Many people claim that vaping is much healthier than smoking, but why does my weed vape pen taste burnt?

A bad-tasting vape pen is certainly not the best way to begin your first foray into vaping. In the same way that a bad-tasting flavor of cough syrup can be a deterrent to a vaper who is new to vaping.

A badly flavored, burnt tasting vape pen can have the same effect on a vaper who is new to the world of vaping

There are a lot of reasons why vape pens can taste burnt, in this article, we will give you ideas of why weed vape pens taste burnt and how to fix it!

What is the reason why weed vape pens taste burnt?

There are a lot of reasons why vape pens can taste burnt, but what happens is the herbs in your vape don’t taste like they used to because they’ve been burnt.

The weed vaping experience is a product of the pen and the dry herb being used. By using a quality vape pen, you can ensure that it won’t burn.

One problem is that the more you vaped and the longer you vaped the less you taste your herbs, it most likely causes is that it has been used too much in a small period.

The taste of the smoke varies from a vape pen to a vape pen. The most common reason that the vapor tastes burnt is that the material has been overheated.

Below are the most common reasons why your weed pen tastes burnt.

Not enough wick inside atomizer coil

If the wick inside the atomizer coil gets burnt, it will taste burnt. This is because the burnt wick draws a burnt taste. 

A burnt taste in your vape pen is usually attributed to the coil that boils the liquid. If the wick is still burnt then your vape pen will continually produce a burnt taste until the wick or coil is changed.

To prevent this, replace the coil or refill the tank.

The coil is too hot

A lot of people who have been smoking weed for a while know that when it comes to vaping, the coil is the most important part of the device.

A burnt taste is usually caused by the coil overheating. The vape should be taken apart and cleaned before being used.

This is especially true when you have an old vape pen, like one from years ago, and it’s starting to show its age.

Low battery

Dry herb vape pens and weed vape pens have a battery that should be recharged often to prevent a burnt taste when you smoke them.

The battery may be running low, which could cause your weed vape pen to taste burnt. You can charge your vape pen before you use it to avoid this taste.

If the problem persists, you may have a faulty vape pen. 

Bad vape oil or wax

Bad oil or wax is the reason why a weed vape pen may taste burnt. Budder, Wax, and BHO are examples of good oil.

Your bud vape pen should have little to no added flavors to avoid this issue. If flavored oil is used, let the oil soak into the wick for at least 5 minutes before you start vaping.

Bad vapes can be the reason why weed vape pens taste burnt. There are several reasons why vapes taste burnt and it is worth noting that burnt vape oil is not the reason for the burnt taste.

Too much consecutive heating

Dry herb vaping pens use a heating element that produces heat to vaporize dry herb into vapors. A few reasons why a dry herb vape pen might taste burnt is if the heating element is too hot,

The strain of dry herb is too light on terpenes, or the dry herb you’re using is burnt. The taste can be improved if you turn the temperature down or change the temperature settings.

How can you fix weed vape pens that taste burnt

Here are a few things that you can do to avoid such a bad-tasting experience.

  • Set vaporizer to correct temperature

To prevent your vape pen from tasting burnt, set your vaporizer’s temperature to 360 °F. In addition to choosing the correct materials to vaporize, it is important to set the temperature of the heating element to the proper temperature.

  • Use a quality vape pen

The weed vaping experience is a product of the pen and the dry herb being used. By using a quality vape pen, you can ensure that it won’t burn.

You can use a quality vape pen to fix a weed vape pen that tastes burnt by replacing the burnt coil. You can find many high-quality vapes at dry herb vaping.

  • Turn off your battery when you’re not using it.

It’s best to turn off your battery when you’re not using it to prevent it from leaking or deteriorating from improper use or storage.

In order to turn your battery off while not in use, simply unscrew the top of your battery and remove the battery. Make sure to remove any material from the top of the battery before screwing it back on.

  • Clean vapor pathway resin

You should clean the vapor pathway with resin to fix weed vape pens that taste burnt. You can clean the vapor pathway resin by soaking it in isopropyl alcohol for a few hours.

To clean your vapor pathway resin, follow these steps;

1. Remove the mouthpiece and heating chamber

2. Scrap off the resin with an old credit card

3. Rinse the chamber with an alcohol-based cleaner

4. Rinse the chamber with warm water

5. Dry it with a paper towel

6. Re-attach the mouthpiece and heating chamber

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