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What Temperature Should I Vape Weed At?

Whether you are looking to vape weed for the psychoactive effects or medicinal purposes, the temperature range of cannabinoids can affect your experience. So how do you know what settings to put on weed vaporizers?

What temperature should I vape weed at? There is no perfect temperature as different effects can be achieved at different heat settings. Generally however, vaping from the ranges of 350°F to 450°F is best for psychotropic effects and medical effects.

The bodily effects of marijuana can actually change at different temperatures, and your vaping experience can be influenced by heat as well. 

On top of the various euphoriant effects you may be chasing, different cannabinoids even have different boiling points in a liquid form. 

That’s right, depending on if your vape has THC or CBD, or even both in some cases, you can experience an entirely different spectrum of effects thanks to temperature alone. 

As we say however, optimal vaping temperature doesn’t really exist. There is a minimum temperature to vape weed though, and generally most vape devices come with a maximum temperature too. 

Vape temperature ranges vary by brand, so do your best to avoid a risky temperature. Consult an online temperature chart to avoid damaging your device, and yourself, if you’re unsure. 

Boiling Points for Popular Cannabinoids

When it comes to the type of cannabinoids in vapes, you generally have two main options. THC and CBD, both of which do have practical medical effects. 

However, it is generally accepted that the psychoactive effects of THC make it better at obscuring pain and your brain’s perception of it. 

On the other hand, CBD in the appropriate temperature range can ease actual pain at the source, as well as other beneficial bodily effects. 

So if you’re looking for euphoric effects, you will want to buy a THC vape juice or pen, while for pharmacological effects CBD is the superior option. 

The boiling point for THC is 392°F, well within the safe range to get consciousness- and mind altering effects from most vaping devices. 

For anti-anxiety effects, CBD can be activated and boiled from 320-356°F. This is even lower, meaning you can have access to cannabinoids with sedative effects even more easily than high producing THC. 

Of course weed effects can vary from person to person. While some may enjoy anti-anxiety effects, other can grow paranoid. 

So now you know what you’ll be cooking in your electronic cigarette, let’s try and decide what the optimal vaping temperature to vape weed at really is, for your preferences. 

Low Range Temperatures

From 320°F to 350°F, this is the lowest range available to access the bodily effects of marijuana. At this range you are likely to experience more mild effects, making it very safe. 

You are also likely to experience minor side effects at most if you are an inexperienced cannabis user, making it an optimal vaping temperature for first time vapers. 

Temperature control is also very easy to maintain in this range, as vaporizers rarely go any lower in temperature. 

This vaporizer temperature also results in cooler vapor. For those who are easily irritated by vapor going up their nose or strong smells, this offers the best control over cannabis vapes. 

For the flavor chasers, lower temperatures also tend to result in a full bodied, richer flavor of marijuana. So if you want an excellent flavor but a still cooked flavor, we suggest this low range.

At low ranges, you can expect a smokier experience with a decent quality of vapor to be enjoyed by the user. 

Middle of the Range Temperatures

From 350°F to 400°F, this is a safe middle ground to get some of the bodily effects of cannabis into your system. Depending on the dominant cannabinoid, you can enjoy a range of flavors at this range. 

The marijuana vapor at this range will provide some physical effects, including sedative effects. This makes it ideal for recreational users of cannabis. 

Bodily effects will also take hold quicker at this temperature over time, when compared to the lower temperature range previously discussed. 

It can be a pain to maintain precise temperatures in this range depending on your device however, as it’s not as simple as setting your vape pen to minimum and maximum settings. 

The best of both worlds between effects, while still boasting a toastier flavor and the fresh taste of marijuana. 

Warm vapor is also ideal for most types of cannabinoids, while still offering a spectrum of flavors to the user. This is also the most consistent experience on offer by vape pens. 

Maximum Temperatures for Weed Vaping

From 400°F to 440°F, this is the absolute extreme range for most vape pens and is designed for maximum cannabinoid extraction. 

For consciousness- and mind altering effects, you can’t get better than this. Hotter vapor provides euphoriant effects and sedative effects as well. 

You will get the most intense effects from this range, and it is the optimal vaping temperature for the most experienced cannabis enjoyers. 

The sedating effects of cannabis and psychoactive cannabinoids will take hold of you quickly at these temperatures, which also result in a more oily than smokey vape. 

If you’re not looking to burn through all your valuable cannabinoids however, then avoid this temperature range. The effects of cannabis may be intense, but it’ll use up your vape juice fast.

high temperatures mixed with myriad cannabinoids provide the closest experience to actually smoking weed, with a marijuana vape pen and warmer vapor. 

Ideal Temperatures for Medicinal Marijuana

But you may be curious, what is the optimal vaping temperature if you’re not chasing euphoriant effects? After all, cannabinoid availability also extends to medicinal properties.

When a medical user vapes cannabis, they are better off vaping at lower temperatures. This avoids the more euphoriant effects of cannabis, and lets the CBD work on pain relief. 

Since you can activate a different ingredient in cannabis at different temperatures, it’s important you select the right type of cannabinoids and burn the right type of cannabinoids in your vape.

You also want a specific type of vapor, cooler vapor with dryer herb tastes and scents indicate that you are at an appropriate range for medical needs. 

The perfect strain of marijuana doesn’t exist, and much like temperature choices it is largely personal preference. However for pain relief, look for a high CBD strain.

Safety Tips When Vaping at High Temps

Although your type of cannabinoids may seem safe, with antioxidant properties and a floral taste, vaping at extreme temperatures can be dangerous. 

Even a regular high THC strain can become problematic, as extra hot vapors can damage skin and irritate your respiratory system. 

Weed can also have antidepressant properties, however psychoactive properties can also make manic symptoms far worse. 

This is the reason weed is prescribed as a pain killer with antioxidant properties, rather than a mental health cure. 

Cannabis compounds aren’t even your largest worry when vaping at high temperatures. You need to make sure to not exceed the temperature limit of your electronic vaporizer. 

If you do go dangerously hot with a vape pen, it can overheat the battery starting a fire or battery explosion. Not to mention, you can burn your hand while trying to vape. 

Inexperienced users vaping at high temperatures is also not suggested. You can quickly develop couch lock or experience feelings of extreme fatigue. 

If you do develop couch-lock or experience feelings of lethargy, no amount of antidepressant properties is going to get you out of it, until the high passes. 

Different Types of Vape Pens and Temperature Limits

There are many types of vape pens on the market today. Each pen has different features, design, and specifications that make it unique.

Most vape pens allow you to adjust the temperature so that you can find a perfect temperature for your vaping experience.

There are some limits to how high the temperature can be set on certain vape Pens, but most will let you reach temperatures up to 400°F as an extreme minimum.

There are three main ways to customize the temperature of a vape pen: The first way is by changing the air flow. The second way is by adjusting the temperature of the battery. The third way is by changing the coil temperature.

Not all electronic vaporizers are built the same, so adjusting these things may not be possible on all devices. However, generally this is how to mod your vape to best improve temperature.

More advanced, multiple use vapes can have a small interface for adjusting various settings, most commonly the temperature. 

Hemp or cannabidiol rich strains can be the perfect strain for vaping, thanks to antioxidant properties and euphoric effects. 

Cannabis is an organic compound, and offers a natural range of compounds for recreational and medical benefit. Despite this, safety always comes first.

Vape pens can all reach varying temperatures, so make sure to check the product manual for your extreme limits. 

In addition, double check the product label on any type of cannabinoids you plan to vaporize, and verify their ideal temperatures online if you are uncertain. 

Disposable vape pens are also very unsafe at high temperatures, and have been known to melt and easily break down in functionality when pushed to the limits. 

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