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Why Does Vaping THC Burn My Nose? Know Here

Can Vaping THC Cause Nose Burns?

Many previous smokers have turned to vape pen devices within the last few years due to them being better than cigarette smoking used with or without nicotine or CBD, vaping however like electronic cigarette devices and normal smoking can have negative side effects. 

If your burning your nose while smoking THC it could mean your vape has harmful chemicals if you use flavourings in your dab pen vapour or the propylene glycol solution in the pen itself. Exhaling through your nose can also bring dryness as well as overuse. 

To help you get to the bottom of why vaping THC is burning your nose, we’ve composed a short guide below which will take you through why you shouldn’t exhale vaporizer products through your noise, some potential causes of nasal dryness when vape smoking, other negative effects of vaping and some alternatives for smoking THC. 

Why You Should Never Exhale THC Through Your Nose 

Exhaling vape smoke through your nose can cause high irritation and even burns resulting in a dry nasal membrane or even a stuffy nose. Plenty of people who start exhaling through their mouth instead see a reduction in nose burns. 

Most of the time if you exhale your vape THC through your nose, the chemicals in THC can cause dryness as well as the synthetic chemical in propylene glycol.

Causes Of Nasal Dryness & Vaping THC 

To help you determine what’s causing nose burns from inhaling and vaping THC we’ve listed some of the most likely causes down below.

  • You could be over-vaping – The blood vessels in your nose can be sensitive and when you spend lots of time vaping it can irritate your nose membrane, making it very dry and even causing nose bleeds in some people. Other side effects could be a dry throat or dry eyes.
  • The heat – Consider that the smoke coming out is a heat source, small embers of the leftover plant can irritate your lungs over time causing throat burns and nose burns too.
  • THC compounds – When vaping THC in particular, psychoactive compounds can cause your nasal membrane to dry out as well as your mouth.
  • Additives – Many vape juice types have propylene glycol which is a thinning agent, this can cause your nose to dry out.
  • Dry hit – If your vape is out of juice and you inhale it can cause throat irritation as well as nose irritation due to the burning sensation, this is also known as a throat hit.
  • Nasal bacteria – It is possible that lots of cannabis smoke over time could disrupt the bacterial flora in your nose causing nasal dryness. 

Other Negative Health Effects Of Vaping THC 

Unfortunately, if you are new to vaping THC, nasal dryness isn’t the only effect you can get from using these devices it can cause a few other side effects which are worth knowing about. 

  • It can trigger allergies – For people who already suffer from asthma and breathing-related issues, vaping can indeed make this worse by irritating the bronchial tubes and lungs.
  • They can be full of harmful compounds – Although vaping THC is better than smoking THC, it can still be full of harmful compounds such as heavy metals, flavourings, carcinogenic, and other fine elements, these cartridges are not FDA-approved products too since no checks are done on them.
  • High strength – Some cannabis THC oil has up to 90% of THC making them very strong affecting the brain receptors fast. Since it’s so strong they can also be quite addictive.
  • Fast heart rate – Smoking THC can raise your heart rate and trigger heart related conditions, they have also been linked to potential lung issues.

Are There Any Benefits To Vaping THC?

If you inhale and exhale THC the right way there can be a huge number of benefits to vaping rather than smoking THC. 

We will list a few of the advantages to vaping THC below –

  • Fewer carcinogens – Since vaping involves no combustion process like normal smoking it can be better for your breathing and lungs since there are no toxins involved in the vapour process.
  • More effective – Vaping converts around 46% of cannabis into vapour while smoking is said to convert only 25% making it much stronger and great for reducing pain.
  • Discreet – The odour of vape pens disappears in minutes and the smell doesn’t linger in the air like it does when you normally smoke it making it very discreet.
  • Tastes better – Vapour from vape pens are heated at a lower temperature than through cigarettes which allows them to taste better.
  • Portable – Vape pens are nice and portable with batteries lasting you all day, it doesn’t produce second-hand smoke either making them more public friendly.

How To Vape THC The Right Way

Vaping THC doesn’t have to give your nose and throat irritation as long as your vaping the right way, to help you avoid these issues, we’ve put together our best steps for first-time vapers of THC below. 

  1. Choose your required cannabis concentration and vape pen then allow it to reach the right temperature, some will show a light or vibrate when ready to use. 
  2. Now prime your vapour pen by taking a few drags, take your first big inhale until your lungs feel with vapour then exhale out your mouth.

Alternatives For Ingesting THC (Nose Friendly)

If you find vaping too harsh on your nose or throat then there are alternatives to vaping THC which we will cover below, these methods do not require inhalation. 

  • Raw – You could consume cannabis through juices or smoothies, the heating process also means no toxins for your body.
  • Edibles – Edibles are a strong way of getting THC into your system and do not require you to smoke or inhale. These are also long-lasting due to the way they are metabolised.
  • Tinctures – Tinctures are a cannabis oil and are a great way of ingesting THC if you want to avoid smoke, these only require a few drops under the tongue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vaping THC & Nose Dryness 

Can you get throat burn from vaping THC? 

Yes, the same as nose burn, you can also get a throat burn from vaping THC, it could be caused by potential over-vaping, flavourings and the levels of PG inside of the vape.

What is a dab pen? 

A dab pen is like a vape pen except it contains a coil and is much smaller, the whole pen is around finger sized.

Is vaping THC better than smoking it?

Vaping is less dangerous than smoking THC, but this doesn’t mean it does not have negative health side effects.

Why do I cough when vaping THC?

Inhaling any smoke can be an irritant to your lungs depending on how sensitive you are, certain flavourings can also cause you to cough.

Should I exhale through my mouth or nose when vaping? 

Always exhale through your mouth rather than your nose when vaping to avoid nose burns and dry nostrils.

Why is propylene glycol toxic?

This is a chemical found inside vape juices as a thinner and is dangerous to inhale within large amounts.

Last Words 

To conclude, vaping THC can burn your nose if you exhale through your nose when smoking, instead switch to exhaling out your mouth to reduce the chances of a dry and burnt nose. If switching to your mouth doesn’t work you could potentially be using your vape too much or your vape might contain too much PG in the juice.

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