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Why Does My Weed Vape Clog? Know Here

Our Guide To Fixing a Clogged Weed Vape

If you’ve picked your weed vape pen to take a hit, only to find that there’s no airflow, you might have a clogged weed vape to deal with. 

Most weed vapes clog due to any un-inhaled vapour left inside of the weed pen, this then builds up to become oily residue and blocks the airflow holes.

To help you out with finding a solution to your clogged weed vape pen, we’ve composed a short guide below with steps to prevent your vape from clogging, how to unclog your vape pen and some other reasons why you have no airflow in your vape.

Why Do Weed Vape Cartridges Clog?

Cartridges inside of vape pens blocking is a common issue and can cause vape airflow issues, un-inhaled vapour builds up an oily residue and blocks the holes, this typically comes from overfilling the pen then leaving it for long periods without using the remaining vapour.

How To Prevent Your Vape From Clogging 

To lower the chances of condensation buildup and chamber flooding in your vape pen we’ve listed some ways to help prevent your vape from clogging with oil buildup below. 

Keep It Vertical & Warm

Residue buildup can build up in the airflow holes if you are storing your vape on its side, the vape pen cartridge can also become blocked if they are stored in colder environments, keep your cannabis vape pens in a warm place to allow oil to stay thin.

Inhale More 

Taking longer to inhale can prevent clogged vapes by using up all the vapour leftover in your pen, this stops the oil from sitting there and becoming thick and clogged.

Take Smaller Hits 

Another way to stop your vape cartridge from clogging is by having smaller hits, this reduces the chances of your coil flooding from vapour oil plus also stops the mouthpiece from clogging up due to there being a lesser chance of condensation build-up up inside.

Check For Leaks 

If your vape cart has become lose it can cause air leakage which can lead to chamber flooding, you should also prime the wick properly when first using your vape pen by pulling through the mouthpiece and saturating the wick.

Keep Using Your Vape 

Always make sure your use vape without leaving it alone for days, this is a great way to prevent vapes since you stop the buildup of oil by heating the pen consistently.

Steps To Unclog Your Weed Vape Pen 

If your vape cartridge has become clogged then don’t panic, there are two ways you can try to unclog the vape cartridge below. 

Manually Poke The Holes 

Begin by locating the airflow holes in your vape, see which holes are clogged then take a safety pin or a needle and gently poke each hole to clear any blockages. 

Warm The Vape Up

Another way to try and fix clogged vapes is by warming the vape up with your hands or blowing a hairdryer on the vape to ease up the thickness of the oil.

Other Reasons Your Weed Vape Has No Air Flow

If you’ve discovered that your weed vape airflow holes are not blocked, then you might not be getting any airflow out of your weed vape for other reasons. 

We’ve troubleshot some other reasons below. 

You are Using The Wrong Airflow Setting 

Make sure your using the right airflow setting on your vape pen, you need to pull on your vape pen lightly due to the gentle heat, inhaling too hard can cause flooding in the chamber 

The Vape Cartridge Is Too Tight

Overly twisting the vape cartridge can block off the airflow holes which are in the threading area, try undoing the cap and redoing gently to fix this.

Oil Viscosity 

Different oils have varying thickness depending on the type that you buy, this can affect airflow, for example, if you use a thicker oil then it might need more time to warm up in the vape pen before taking a draw. 

Why Do I Need To Pull Hard On Vape Pen?

If you need to pull hard on your vaping pen then it might be because you have been drawing on it too hard before, pulling too hard on your pen could potentially flood the chamber since the wicks absorb too much concentration of the oil than the heating coil can manage to vaporize

Frequently Asked Questions About Clogged Weed Vape Pens

Does thicker oil viscosity increase the chance of clogging? 

Yes, the thicker your oil the more chances it can clog your vape pen, store your pen well vertical in warm temperatures to avoid it from clogging a use the device often.

Why do I have bitter vape juice? 

Not priming your weed vape juice or wick can lead to a bitter taste in your weed vape, you can also get a bitter taste from not cleaning your pen out properly.

Which type of coil doesn’t clog in a vape?

You can get different vape coils for your pen, some can lessen the chances of your weed vape clogging up due to heating your vapour at a higher temperature.

Last Words

Overall, your weed vape can clog for a variety of reasons, but the most common reason is from blocked airflow holes due to vapour residue inside of the pen which builds up over time. The best ways to fix this problem is by heating the vape pen to loosen stuck oil or by using a needle to poke out any blockages in the holes.

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