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Do Weed Vape Pens Cause Second Hand Smoke?

Are Weed Vape Pens Dangerous? Do They Produce Secondhand Smoke?

Most of us know that second hand smoking cigarettes can have harmful negative health effects, but what about second hand smoking from weed vape pens? Is it harmful?

Weed vape pens can release second hand smoke just like regular smoking, although it’s unlikely to make someone ‘high’ it can still have health effects when inhaled.

We’ve put together an informational guide below taking you through the harmful effects of second hand smoking from weed vape pens, laws around second hand smoking, and the negative health side effects of inhaling marijuana. 

Harmful Effects Of Second Hand Smoke From Weed Vapes 

Many people assume secondary smoke from tobacco is much more harmful than smoke from vapes, however, there are studies which prove second hand smoking from weed is also bad. 

We’ve listed some harmful effects of second hand smoking from weed vapes below.

  • Particulate levels – Marijuana secondhand smoke contributes to particulate levels in the air and has more than tobacco smoke. It has an average PM2.5 emission rate contributing to health risks.
  • Air pollution – Weed vape pens produce secondhand smoke which can pollute indoor air with chemical aerosol.
  • Metals in smoke – Marijuana smoke has a chemical composition which can release metals such as mercury and also contains carcinogens like tobacco smoke at delectable levels.
  • THC released – People who are around secondhand marijuana smoke might have detectable THC levels in their blood and urine.
  • Lung irritation – Secondhand smoking from weed vapes can cause health risks when it comes to people’s lungs. The smoke from marijuana causes lung irritation and can also flare up asthma in some people.

Laws Around Second Hand Weed Vaping/Smoking

Since weed vapes can produce dangerous secondhand marijuana smoke, there are laws around secondhand marijuana exposure in public spaces, these laws below are based in the UK.

  • Vaping in public areas – Although there are no bans on vaping in public areas, you still need to be cautious about where you are smoking your vape to avoid affecting others, some private establishments have their own rules.
  • Vaping in the car – Vaping in the car is legal and there are no rules around it, it can, however, obstruct a driver’s view therefore people suggest driving with the window down.
  • Age – Only a person over 18 years old can be vaping.
  • Vaping on transport – There are no guidelines about vaping in public however most transports do not allow vaping on board, especially on planes.
  • Vaping in bars – Most bars and pubs treat vaping the same way as smoking, you will likely have to go outside to vape.
  • Restrictions – E-liquid can be no more than 10ml a container, coloring’s and caffeine also have restrictions in the liquid, and e-liquids with nicotine also have to have less than 20mg per ml.

Is It Okay To Use A Weed Vape In Public? 

As we mentioned above, there aren’t many restrictions around using a vape in public, however, if your vape contains marijuana then we would not suggest using it in public unless your state or country allows the consumption of weed.

Is Weed Vaping Bad For You? 

Now we know that secondhand marijuana smoke could potentially be dangerous, let’s move on to if weed vaping is bad for you. 

  • Chemical flavors – Many flavoured vape juices can contain diacetyl which is known to be a health threat when consumed in the form of marijuana.
  • Heavy metals – The metal loops inside of vapes when heated up can be made of cheap metals when heated up this can break off what you inhale. 
  • Carcinogenic substances – Some vape juices can contain carcinogenic compounds as they are heated up.
  • Lung injury – Overtime, weed vaping can put a strain on your lungs and cause injury, some symptoms are continuous coughing, feeling sick and pain in the stomach.
  • Addiction – Vaping weed can be just as harmful as smoking it and lead to addiction, especially if the vape contains any nicotine.

Second Hand Cigarette Vs Weed Vape Smoke – Which Is Worse?

Many people assume that second hand smoke from tobacco is more harmful than second hand smoke from vapes, however, both have negative effects. 

Marijuana smoking is mind-altering and more likely to change the brain while smokers smoke is a big risk factor for cancer. Most of all, marijuana smoke exposure can have negative effects on people’s lungs just like e-cigarette second hand smoke.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weed Vape Pens & Second Hand Smoke

Can you get high off exposure to marijuana? 

Yes, secondhand smoke exposure to marijuana can cause psychoactive effects at delectable levels.

Do vape pens heat marijuana?

Yes, in order to create the vape smoke vape pens heat marijuana through their metal coils.

What are the effects of marijuana smoke?

The THC in the smoking of marijuana has psychoactive effects making people happy and calm, CBD is also said to have beneficial effects on the body. 

Marijuana can be addictive however and be harmful to your lungs.

Is medical marijuana smoking better for you?

Medical marijuana smoke can be beneficial to patients who suffer from chronic pain, it has to be regulated however to avoid becoming dependent on the THC.

Last Words

Overall, weed vape pens do cause secondhand smoke which can be dangerous for people to inhale, especially people who have lung problems like asthma. 

When weed vaping in public make sure it’s legal in the country you are residing in and be polite around others.

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton

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