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Can Vaping Weed Cause Constipation? Learn More About It.

Could My Weed Vape Be Giving Me Constipation? – Our Guide & Solutions!

If you’ve started to smoke medical vaped weed or recreational weed for the first time and noticed some interesting side effects on your digestive system, you might be wondering if your marijuana vape is to blame.

Well, having constipation from vaped weed is rare, but can happen from THC and certain other cannabinoids in particular strains of weed, studies have not done extensive research on this correlation, however.

We’ve put together a short guide below which will discuss why vaping weed could potentially give you constipation, how to fix your digestive issues, if weed could help constipation and how weed could potentially give you diarrhoea.

Why Could Vaping Weed Give Me Constipation?

Constipation is an unwanted side effect from vaping weed, it is rare and unlikely but the chances can be increased if you’ve consumed ABV (already been vaped) weed through an edible, sometimes the other ingredients in what your eating could put a strain on your digestive tract.

THC is the high cannabinoid found in weed and could also be responsible for keeping you blocked up too, this is because THC needs oil and fat in edibles to bind, which doesn’t agree with everyone’s stomachs.

How To Fix Constipation From Vaping Weed

If you are suffering from constipation concerning a vaped weed edible you have eaten then don’t panic, we’ve listed a few ways to prevent this from happening again and deal with the issue.

  • Change your strain of weed – Your constipation could be down to the strain of weed you are using, changing the flower might help you.
  • Change your edibles – If you normally consume ABV in butter, try crackers instead or in hot drinks.
  • Consider the dose – Maybe your dosage of medical vape weed is too high or too low.
  • Try a different way of ingesting – Smoking your weed or putting it in a tincture are other ways you can ingest weed to see if your vape juice could potentially be the issue.

Could Vaping Weed Help With Constipation?

It is surprising to learn that vaping weed could be giving you constipation since weed is a laxative in ways to treat constipation and other digestive issues such as IBS.

CBD, in particular, is known for treating constipation and promoting regular healthy bowel movements, there has been limited proven studied however to support this although it can help the pain of inflammatory bowel disease.

Vaping weed has several other digestive benefits we will list below.

  • Increases appetite.
  • Reducing nausea.
  • Stops inflammation.
  • Relives cramps.

Can My Weed Vape Give Me Diarrhoea?

It is more likely that your vaped weed could be giving you diarrhoea than constipation, this is because cannabinoid receptors interact with the gastronomical system in your body to influence bowel movements. Your CBD dosage might be too high if you experiencing diarrhoea, try giving it a break or lowering the dose to see if there’s a difference.

Marijuana could also give people different cravings for foods, these varieties of foods can cause diarrhoea if your body isn’t used to them.

Final Words

To conclude, it is possible that vaping weed could be causing your constipation, if this is the case we would suggest checking out the ingredients in any ABV edibles, trying a different strain of weed, lowering the dosage of THC or smoking the weed instead to see if it makes a difference. Cannabis has a lot of benefits for your digestive system so it’s unlikely the vaped weed would be the sole cause of your constipation.

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton

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