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Does Vaping Weed Affect Cardio?

Traditional smoking and vaping are often advertised by their negative effects, and it’s hard to deny that bringing smoke or vapor into your lungs is good for your lungs. Yet, the effects of marijuana on other parts of the body are often over looked. Does vaping weed affect cardio? Yes, however whether these are positive or adverse effects is up to much debate. This is… Read More »Does Vaping Weed Affect Cardio?

Can You Overdose On Weed Vape?

Yes, you can. Cannabis concentrates contain high levels of THC compounds, which are the active ingredients in marijuana. When you smoke cannabis or vape, the THC compounds are inhaled. It is also likely to result in an overdose for a person who takes more than the recommended dose of the product. As you may know, the THC or THCV molecule (found in cannabis) is a… Read More »Can You Overdose On Weed Vape?

Is Vaping Weed Bad For You? Know Here

Vaping is increasing in popularity, which has turned into a big business where a lot of money can be made. Not only are millions of pounds spent on the e-juice industry, but it is also a multi billion dollar industry. However, there are people that are concerned that this industry is unregulated and many unsafe practices are occurring. They believe that vaping is not a… Read More »Is Vaping Weed Bad For You? Know Here

Can A Women Vape Weed While Trying For A Baby?

Many of you have probably heard that marijuana consumption during pregnancy can have devastating effects on your baby. This is because the chemicals in marijuana, including THC, can cross the placenta and affect the baby. However, there is some good news. Marijuana can be safely consumed by pregnant women when it is used to treat severe nausea and vomiting while pregnant. There were few factors… Read More »Can A Women Vape Weed While Trying For A Baby?

Can Vaping Weed Cause Constipation? Learn More About It.

Could My Weed Vape Be Giving Me Constipation? – Our Guide & Solutions! If you’ve started to smoke medical vaped weed or recreational weed for the first time and noticed some interesting side effects on your digestive system, you might be wondering if your marijuana vape is to blame. Well, having constipation from vaped weed is rare, but can happen from THC and certain other… Read More »Can Vaping Weed Cause Constipation? Learn More About It.

Are There Any Safe Weed Vape Cartridges?

There aren’t any safe weed vape cartridges, but some companies produce safe pre-filled cartridges for their electronic cigarettes. Vaping is the latest trend in the smoking world, with people all over the world trying to figure out how to enjoy the benefits of smoking without the harmful side effects of tobacco. The most common misconception is that vaping is as safe as smoking, but, in… Read More »Are There Any Safe Weed Vape Cartridges?

Can Vaping Weed Cause Cancer? Learn More About It Here.

Can vaping cannabis cause cancer over time? If you’re a vaper, you’re probably wondering: can vaping weed cause cancer? The answer is: it’s still unclear. There’s been some suggestion that it might, but it’s not entirely clear. But in the meantime, you should know that there is still the risk of smoking weed, and you should use caution. Marijuana smoking has been used for thousands… Read More »Can Vaping Weed Cause Cancer? Learn More About It Here.


Vaping Makes Me Cough More Than Smoking – Why?

You’ve heard the health benefits cannabis, and also of the benefits of vaping over smoking, so why do so many people find themselves coughing up a lung when they try to vape? Knowing what and how to vape is essential, part and parcel of knowing this is knowing how vapes work. Vapes heat, either directly or in an ambient way, your dry herb. The heat of the vapor can be hot… Read More »Vaping Makes Me Cough More Than Smoking – Why?