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Does Vaping Weed Affect Cardio?

Traditional smoking and vaping are often advertised by their negative effects, and it’s hard to deny that bringing smoke or vapor into your lungs is good for your lungs. Yet, the effects of marijuana on other parts of the body are often over looked.

Does vaping weed affect cardio? Yes, however whether these are positive or adverse effects is up to much debate. This is because of the exact way in which weed affects your heart, cardiovascular system, and respiratory system.

Both vaping and traditional smoking of habitual marijuana users will typically have a similar result when it comes to cardio. 

A smoking athlete will find their heart rate increasing, as well as their blood pressure, among the side effects of smoking. These are both bad when running. The question remains however, is this good for our cardiovascular health?

If you experience existing health issues, or aren’t planning on working out, then vaping marijuana for this effect can be detrimental and unhealthy. Marijuana can also affect the heart and increase the risk of heart disease.

Medical marijuana is already carefully monitored by marijuana regulation for a reason. Existing cardiovascular health issues will disqualify the average patient from a cannabis prescription. 

If you are worried about your cardiovascular health while enjoying cannabis medicinally or recreationally, speak to a health care professional for personal health guidance. 

Increases in blood pressure and heart rate are among the most common potential health effects from enjoying cannabis and cannabinoids. 

Is Vaping Weed Good for Exercise?

While prolonged increases to heart rate and blood pressure are bad for your cardiovascular health, both these things occur naturally when working out. 

Regular marijuana users may not always use weed before exercise, and traditional smoking methods can leave you feeling out of breath or wheezing like traditional cigarette smoking. 

Most people don’t picture athletes with smoking blunts in their mouths, but athletes can be infrequent marijuana users thanks to edible cannabis products and vape pens. 

These safer alternatives avoid the negative effects of tobacco smoking, and mark the main chemical difference between smoking and vaping. 

While it may not maintain absolute heart health, getting your blood flowing before exercise and during a warm up can have a positive effect on exercise, as blood reaches your muscles faster. 

However, with your blood pumping faster it is also likely you’ll run out of breath quickly as well. Since you need a greater intake of oxygen for your blood reaching the muscles. 

This rate of getting blood where it needs to be is the aim of most cardio work out plans, and mastering it can be a difficult task. 

Can I Exercise After Vaping Cannabis?

While you certainly can exercise after vaping cannabis, it is not always recommended. Especially if you plan on doing a cardio intensive work out on top of it. 

Things like treadmills and running generally aim to target cardio, which can lead to dangerous ailments if you don’t pay attention to blood pressure. 

These can include blood clots, where blood just jams and gets stuck in your veins. Not to mention if you have existing heart conditions, which can be further complicated. 

If you have questions about heart health, it is best to see your doctor rather than to self medicate with cannabinoids and marijuana. 

Depending on the person, vaping marijuana may or may not have negative effects on their physical health. If you are healthy and do not have any medical conditions, it is generally safe to exercise after vaping marijuana.

Does Marijuana Affect My Stamina?

Some people believe that marijuana can improve stamina, while others say it’s not really clear whether or not the drug does this. 

There are some studies that suggest marijuana might help with improving endurance, but other research suggests there is no real evidence to support these claims.

There is limited research on the effects of marijuana on stamina. However, based on the information available, it is generally agreed that marijuana can have negative effects on the body and the mind.

Cannabis is also a muscle relaxant in some people, making exercise or physical activity difficult. This is largely where the stereotype of the average cannabis user as lazy, hungry, and unproductive stems from. 

Typically, THC makes someone feel relaxed and happy. THC also stimulates appetite, which can lead to weight gain in people who regularly smoke marijuana.

This weight gain is a common cause for those who enjoy cannabis to look at getting in shape, although long term it is clear that this weight gain will negate much of your exercise.

Gaining weight also negatively affects your stamina, leading you to get out of breath quickly, develop a wheeze, and other respiratory health symptoms. 

Is Smoking or Vaping Better for Working Out?

Smoking marijuana or tobacco can leave you feeling out of breath, with a cough, and generally sick if you are an infrequent consumer. 

While inhaling vapor is not much better, it is superior to inhaling copious amounts of cigarette smoke and toxic tar and chemicals. 

However, as we have already mentioned it can be difficult to exercise and work out after consuming a marijuana product. 

If you feel extremely anxious or like you cannot control your muscles, then it is not safe to exercise. You may also want to wait up to three hours before committing to an exercise. 

Currently, there is no definite answer as to whether or not you can exercise after vaping marijuana. Some people believe that you can, while others believe that it is not safe to do so. 

It is always important to speak to a doctor before starting any new exercise routine, as there are still many unknowns about the effects of vaping marijuana.

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Ryan Hamilton

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