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Can You Vape Weed With Invisalign?

Is It Possible To Vape With Invisalign?

If you’ve recently got Invisalign you want to be making sure you are taking care of your teeth for the best results, if you vape weed you might be wondering if this could potentially affect your Invisalign? 

You should not technically smoke or vape with Invisalign since it could potentially stain and discolour your teeth.

We’ve put together our best guide below which will take you through how vapes can affect Invisalign, why weed vapes can be bad for your teeth if vaping is worse than smoking for your oral health and what else you shouldn’t do with Invisalign.

Can Weed Vaping Affect Your Invisalign? 

Due to the vape juice inside of weed vapes they can indeed affect your Invisalign by staining them over time, although weed vapes do not have nicotine they can still stain teeth and cause damage to your Invisalign. 

If you do want to weed vape while using your Invisalign it’s best to time this when you eat, you have to make sure you are wearing your Invisalign for at least 22 hours a day.

Is Weed Vaping Bad For Your Teeth? 

Since vaping is not recommended to keep your aligner appliances clean you might be wondering if they can cause any general tooth damage, even if you don’t have Invisalign. 

We’ve listed some potential side effects vaping could have concerning tooth damage below. 

  • Nicotine vape juices can hurt gums – If your vape juice contains some nicotine then this increases your oral health risks by reducing the amount of oxygen blood flow to your gums.
  • Gives dry mouth – Weed vapes give you a dry mouth, PG draws saliva from your mouth and throat, this could increase the chance of tooth decay and tooth damage.
  • PG intolerance – PG is a chemical that is found inside some vape juices and if you are intolerant it could potentially affect your dental health.

Vaping Vs Smoking For Your Mouth Health 

If you are wondering what’s worse for your Invisalign and general dental health, smoking tends to be worse for your teeth rather than vaping, many people who switch to vaping from smoking see a big improvement in their overall dental health.

Smoking can cause lots of plaque build-up, staining as pre-dental diseases, vaping reduces this, but people who vape compared to people who don’t still have a higher chance of getting dental diseases. 

Tips To Take Care Of You Invisalign 

If you want to keep your Invisalign as professional teeth then you should avoid consuming a variety of things, not just vaping. 

However, if you do need to vape then time it around eating and follow these care tips below to keep your Invisalign’s in the best shape possible.

  • Drink water – Many problems with your oral health are due to getting a dry mouth from vaping, make sure to stay hydrated if you are vaping to reduce this.
  • Keep a good oral hygiene routine – You know the drill, brush your teeth twice a day, floss once a day and go for important dental checkups.
  • Don’t use nicotine – Nicotine is linked to tooth staining and gum disease, make sure your vape juice is weed only without any added nicotine.
  • Try oil pulling – Oil pulling is great for the health of your teeth and dramatically reduce the chances of oral disease, you will need to swish the oil around in your mouth for around 10-20 minutes for best results.

Final Words

Overall, you can vape weed with Invisalign in but it is not recommended, if you have to vape it’s best to time it around mealtimes when your not wearing your Invisalign.

Make sure your weed vape does not contain nicotine and take good care of your oral health to prevent staining and the chances of oral disease.

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton

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