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Does Vaping Weed Hurt Your Teeth? Find Out Here!

Since both smoking and vaping involve inhaling through the mouth, there are a number of concerns surrounding the direct relationship between oral hygiene and smoking marijuana. The transition from traditional smoking to vaping has not changed this either. 

Does vaping weed hurt your teeth? In the short term no, but over time vaping and conventional smoking of cannabis can cause cavities and oral decay, leading to a need for oral health care in the near future. 

We will also discuss other negative side effects of smoking and vaping weed can have on your teeth, but if you have concerns you should always consult your dental health care provider first. 

Most dentists and health department directories ask a patient if they smoke in any capacity so they can check for signs of oral cancer and periodontal disease (gum disease).

If your local health department is unaware of your vaping or smoking habits, be sure to inform them so they can help monitor your physical health during check ups. 

Smoking cigarettes and nicotine consumption are usually the foremost forms of smoking associated with oral diseases and decay, but cannabis and other plant products are no better. 

Can Vaping Stain Your Teeth?

Typically used as a method of smoking cessation, vaping is marketed as the safer and healthier alternative to regular cigarette smoking. 

Instead of the various forms of smoking, doses of nicotine (the active chemical in tobacco products that make them addictive) can be achieved through other means. 

Nicotine vaping, FDA approved nicotine replacement therapy, and nicotine patches are all good methods to ease the addictive effects of nicotine. 

Nicotine inside vape formula helps people of all ages quit, while avoiding toxic substances like tar that stick to your lungs like napalm can benefit your physical health. 

However, vaping both nicotine and CBD can lead to stained teeth. Discoloration of your pearly whites, something which is difficult to remove manually. 

Teeth staining is thankfully not some unexpected health concern, and rather a simple cosmetic issue. Something as simple as drinking coffee will stain your teeth and tongue, and that’s hardly black market nicotine. 

The chemical of concern in most vapes and tobacco products are colored pigments from plants. These attach to your teeth, and won’t go for at least a week of proper dental hygiene. 

Oral Health and Electronic Cigarettes

Harmful chemicals from smoking are common causes of oral cancer, as well as throat and lung cancer. With chemical vapor, it’s hard to say there is such a thing as a safe tobacco product. 

E-cigarette and vaping products have fewer links to respiratory diseases, but the increased access to cannabis products has led to an increase in vaping. 

Like any commercial product designed for smoking and vaping, cannabis users and tobacco users face many potential risks when it comes to oral health. 

Even the most recreational users are at risk for cavities, which can be a common cause for serious tooth aches. 

If you’re vaping cannabis after a tooth extraction of uncontrolled teeth, then the risk of infections goes up fast, and you risk Dry Socket. 

Marijuana vapes and cannabis smoke can also lead to inflammation of lips, chances of gum inflammation, and an inflamed pancreas. 

Can you get Oral Cancer From Cannabis Vapes?

You may be concerned about needing an oral cancer screening after reading all this about smoke cigarettes and the effects of cannabis vapes. 

However, unlike smoked forms of cannabis, vaporizers are unlikely to make you need an oral cancer screening, as there is little evidence relating the two together. 

Harmful chemicals may be present in vapes, but they are usually in a far more limited quantity, and cause less damage in medical patients. 

That being said, if you are a current patient for tooth extraction or root canal surgeries and have vaped recently after surgery, ask for an oral cancer screening. 

If you experience signs of gum inflammation, tooth decay, and poor periodontal health (gum health) then ask a doctor to screen you as well. 

There is limited research on this topic, and the available evidence is inconclusive. Some studies suggest that vaporizing cannabis may be associated with an increased risk for mouth cancer, while other investigations find no link between oral cannabis use and head or neck cancers.

Other Health Concerns of Marijuana Use

There is a chemical in marijuana that often leads to a user developing a dry mouth. This poor salivary flow can be detrimental to physical health.

Less saliva means less amylase, meaning you are not digesting as much sugar and instead allowing it to reach your bowels, Here, it can cause pancreatitis

People use cannabis for a variety of reasons, such as reducing inflammation, epileptic seizures, chronic pain, and much more.

Some vape pens are designed to use high doses of THC. This can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. It can also be dangerous if you are using cannabis vape pens that are not designed for vaping. They can blowback, which can be dangerous.

While nicotine can damage the soft tissue of our body and mouth, marijuana is known to cause acute anxiety. 

Cannabis also alters every part of us, from our brain to our immune system. This makes it important to use the drug responsibly. 

If you experience prolonged and recurrent chest pain from vaping weed, then consult a doctor in case you have developed severe lung disease. 

If you also notice your tooth enamel has begun to decay or chips easily, then check in with your dentist for advice about orla care. 

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton

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