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Can You Put Weed In A Vape Mod?

Whether you are looking to change up a Dave Kriegel juice cigarette or a high end dry herb vaporizer, vape modding can be a great hobby to get into. Changing up days of vaping to perform neat tricks that can wow your friends. 

Can you put weed in a vape mod? While you certainly can, not all vapes are built equally. You will want to be modifying an oil based vape pen for the best results when trying to use weed with a vape mod, and not just any modern e-liquid vape pen. 

You will also want to be using a rechargeable vape pen, as disposable devices aren’t worth modding in any way shape or form. 

After all, it takes some effort to modify an e-cigarette, so wasting your time on disposable vape pens which will end up in the garbage after one use seems pointless. 

Single use pens can be a good way to practice modding however, without risking a dry herb vaporizer and whatever vape juice you have in mind for cannabinoids. 

If you’re looking to vape flower, then you’ll need to know what type of vape pen to use, the value of vape cartridges and a dry herb vape, and the difficulties modding may present. 

Fortunately for you though, you have us to walk you through all of that. So grab some vape juice and get ready to learn all about cannabis and vape mods.

Ways to Vape Weed

When it comes to vaping cannabis, you’ll have two main options. The first is THC or CBD vape juice. These come in vape carts. 

This option is the most popular, and it is often seen as a healthier alternative to smoking. Juices like these produce a full flavor and lots of oil.

As such, it is important you only use these with modified oil based vaporizers. This will help you avoid totally ruining standard vape pens, which can be expensive to replace. 

The second most common option for a marijuana compatible pen is a dry herb vape pen. These work very similarly to traditional cannabis blunts and cigarettes. 

Packing marijuana into a dry herb atomizer attachment can allow you to vape weed without the need for cartridges and vape juice refills. 

You may need a specialized vape pen for dry herb enjoyment, and this sort of vape needs high quality attachments in order to even work. 

Thankfully, being an attachment does prevent the risk of damage posed by marijuana in a standard e-liquid vape pen, and the result is also often less oily. 

Most dry herbs are also session vapes, meaning they run on a sort of internal timer. This means they will cut off on their own, making sure you don’t overindulge. 

Ideal for those looking to use vapes recreationally, but for medicinal purposes and longer sessions you may struggle with portable herb vaporizers. 

What is Vape Modification?

If you find your typical vape pen boring, then modding may be the answer for you. A vape mod is an electronic device that allows for customization and adjustment of various vaping parameters, such as power and temperature.

You can alter the vape pen battery, the vape tank, and advanced vape users have even tinkered with the coil device. 

Vape mods are made to increase the efficiency of your use by allowing you to control more settings on your device than what’s available from the factory setting.

There are a number of modifications that can be made to e-cigarettes. These modifications range from changing the color of the device to adding extra features.

Changes to the device can be done by either the user or a vape modification technician, if you want to take the portable herb vaporizer into a licensed dispensary or vaporizer market. 

There are a number of reasons why someone might want to make a modification to their device. Some users might want to change the look of their device, while others might want to improve its performance.

Different Types of Vaporizers

If you need a portable weed vaporizer, you are really spoilt for choice. The market is filled with competition offering you quality vapor production with a variety of atomizers.

Most are user preference, such as push button vs. draw activated vape pens. Regular push button vape pens are, as they sound, button activated vape pens. 

Unlike push button vape pens however, draw activated vapes are direct lung vape pens. This means they work much like a cigarette, detecting an inhale from the user. 

Convection vapes and conduction vapes are also popular. However the only difference between convection vapes and conduction vaporizers is the method used for heating. 

The heating chamber changes temperature in different ways, but both provide precious vapor easily, so you can fill your lungs with vapor and not worry about functionality. 

Types of Vapes Designed for Marijuana

Cannabis based vapes come with a variety of atomizers, however all of them will need a herb chamber to function. 

The herb chamber is exactly as it sounds, an attachment for the use of dry herb, dabs, and weed wax. If you prefer the oily texture of vape juices instead, then stick to those. 

Really, most vaporizers designed for marijuana will advertise the fact they are for weed. This way it’s difficult to get confused over what you are buying. 

Choices of what to vape and how to vape it, mods and all, are ultimately dependent on user preference and the vape pen’s own performance ability. 

Can You Put Cannabis in Any Vape?

Can cannabis be vaped? That’s a question that vaping enthusiasts have been asking one another for years. In some cases, the answer is yes; in other cases, no.

There are vape pens that allow users to vaporize cannabinoids including THC and CBD, but there also exist vape pens that do not support this type of vaping.

Ultimately, it depends on the specific device and its settings. If you’re using a pen designed specifically for cannabinoid vaping, then you can definitely vaporize cannabis while using it.

However, if you’re using a conventional electronic cigarette or e-pen with limited compatibility with marijuana products (or any other non-cigarette liquids), then your ability to use those devices to consume cannabis may be limited.

Not all e-liquid vape pens are designed for the extra oily THC and CBD vapes. This oil can actually cause damage to some devices, disrupting the coil and battery. 

For a disposable vape, this isn’t an issue. However for a reusable vape, and especially one you want to mod, you will want to avoid causing long term damage.

Check the compatibility of marijuana products with your portable vape devices online before you try to use them for cannabinoids. 

Reusable and Disposable Weed Vapes

Multi-use and one time vape pens are also available for THC and CBD carts. Most disposable ones even come pre-filled. 

However, you can also get less portable vape pens if you are interested, with desktop vaporizers being the most popular. 

If you enjoy vaping whilst working on a computer, then desktop vaporizers are for you. However, most vapers enjoy the compact portability of the standard vape pen. 

PAX vaporizers for example, are very popular in the United States thanks to their portable nature and small size. 

Dabs and Wax

Vape wax and dabs are two other alternatives to dry herbs and vape juice, although they are less popular. This is because they often lead to a dirty vaporizer. 

Less clean than even vape juice, special mods are also needed to enjoy cannabis this way. Most portable vaporizers simply aren’t compatible with these ingredients which are usually reserved for joints.

They can be taken by smoking or vaporizing them, although they can also be eaten. Dabs and weed wax typically contain high concentrations of THC.

Dabs and weed wax cannabis offer a variety of benefits that include feeling more intense, euphoric and long-lasting highs. They are better designed for highs than for medicinal needs.

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton

Im Ryan, a Medical Cannabis Activist & Blog Owner @ I started the blog as a medium to answer questions and grow the awareness of the herb. Along with the medicinal properties, cannabis can help grown the economy with its vast amount of taxable finances. Less violent properties than alcohol, cannabis legalisation is inevitable.

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  1. I especially appreciate that it stresses the importance of researching device compatibility before using THC or CBD carts in a vape pen. It’s also great to see that desktop vaporizers are mentioned as an option for those who prefer vaping while working on a computer. The information about dabbing and waxing is also really helpful.

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