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MistVape Essence Review – 2022 – 2023

The Essence By MistVape

The Essence is the latest product by the hand made crafting company, MistVape.

MistVape also brought you the Touch.

Initial Thoughts & Functioning

The unit itself looks very nice. It has a 2 tone wood finish and you can tell that a lot of work and thought has gone into the design of it.

On one end, is the mouthpiece, where you fill with your ground herb of choice and on the other end is the lighting part. You simply light on the end using a butane torch and slowly turning the unit as you do, all the while taking a nice long slow hit from the mouth piece.

The mouthpiece and the lighting piece are made of glass. So it is a good thing that MistVape provide the ends to protect them.

MistVape also have provided tools and accessories for maintenance  and general use of the vape. For example the filling tool comes in super handy in preventing a mess when loading your stem.

There is also a tool which you can use to push and pull the parts.

The Vape

The vape is actually very smooth and gives you a good effect.

The temperatures are not as precise to control as you are using a flame. I generally position my flame an inch from the lighting unit and that seemed to work very well for me.

The vapor production is very good, nice thick satisfying clouds along with great flavour.


Maintaining the unit is extremely easy. Simply drop the mouth piece and the lighting unit in ISO alcohol and leave over night. The next morning, rinse with hot water,  let the parts dry out and you are done!

This is one of the things I love about The Essence, is that it is such low maintenance.


Butane powered vapes are increasing in the market and for good reason. Instant heat up for quick sessions, no need to rely on batteries, charging etc. A great vapor production and vape quality.

The Essence from MistVape is no less. It has awesome vape production, great taste, looks super cool and very easy to maintain.