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Does Vaping Weed Smell? How Much does it Smell?


Take a walk around your neighbourhood, my neighbourhood at least, and it won’t be long before you encounter a strong stench of skunk. The air in summer gets thick and heady.

Smoking a joint or light up a bowl or bowl combusts the herb. Combustion is destructive, obviously. Smoke is particulate matter, that of the papers you rolled with, the herb in question and potentially tobacco depending on your preference.

Vaping weed happens one of two ways, convection or conduction. Neither method results in combustion if done correctly. The smell from a vape is far, far less pungent than a combustion method of inhalation.

Convection Vapes

A convection vape heats the air around the herb. Similar to an oven.

Conduction Vapes

Conduction vapes heat the herb by directly touching it, but the temperatures are nowhere near as hot as a flame from a lighter. And again, there is not ignition or combustion.

How much will a vape smell?

Whilst you won’t get away with sitting next to someone without them clocking it. A vape smells far less, the ‘light toasting’ of your herb creates less odor. In addition to the lack of extra-materials involved, there simply isn’t enough energy being used to break down bits of the herb that aren’t THC, CBD, and the many other cannabinoids we know and love.

So vapes smell far less than combustion based methods, we’re not burning up useless plant matter to get the good stuff. In real terms, you can vape near a window and after about half an hour the smell will be gone.

So vapor will disappear quicker than a joint or a bowl. It will also smell more fragrant and delicious than a big fat joint when you’re in the act anyway.

How to reduce the smell associated with vaping

Until some dastardly scent-free cannabis is engineered, and the stigma floats away like a cloud, the tell-tale smell will be a problem for many. There are several simple steps you can take to reduce the olfactory alerts you might be receiving.

  • Regularly clean your vaporiser – residue and gunk can and will accumulate, make sure to use the tools that vaporisers often come with to prevent this from happening. This is quite a nice mindful practice too.
  • Consider some storage solutions, one for your vape and one for your bud. Mason jars or those with a threaded lid will keep a tight seal.
  • Stoner-engineers have been making ‘spoofers’ for years. Some sort of cardboard roll filled with fabric softening sheets, found in the laundry aisle, can be used to exhale through. Mmm fresh sheets.
  • Make your room scent secure, a towel across the door, a cracked window, these are basics you probably already know
  • Make some food! Popcorn, pizza, garlic, delicious food, delicious smells will mingle and disguise any scent left over from vaping.

Do oil and concentrate-based pens smell?

Oil and concentrate vapes, though not the focus of our product range, smell the least out of all vaping options. They’ll still smell a bit whilst vaping, but the cartridges and contents won’t have the pungent smell of an eighth or an ounce.

All in all, vaping is the most stealthy way to enjoy your herbs, and treat yourself without letting the neighbours know. 

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton

Im Ryan, a Medical Cannabis Activist & Blog Owner @ I started the blog as a medium to answer questions and grow the awareness of the herb. Along with the medicinal properties, cannabis can help grown the economy with its vast amount of taxable finances. Less violent properties than alcohol, cannabis legalisation is inevitable.

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