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Does Cannabis Tincture Get You Drunk? – Let’s Find Out!

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Can Cannabis Tincture Get You Drunk?

Marijuana’s medical properties and use are becoming more and more popular in dispensaries around the world, as is Cannabis tincture, which is a form of herbal remedy by mixing cannabis plant with a strong alcohol solvent. 

Cannabis tincture is made with grain alcohol and is designed to be consumed in small dropper amounts so wouldn’t get you drunk unless you managed to consume the whole bottle.

In our informative guide below we will discuss what Cannabis tincture is and its ingredients, the benefits of using Marijuana Tincture, potential side effects of Cannabis tincture, how to take tincture as well as how to make it! 

What Is Cannabis Tincture? 

Marijuana tincture has been around since the 1930s as a herbal remedy, it consists of cannabis plant material soaked in alcohol for long periods then strained out, it’s mainly used for medical purposes of the cannabis plant but can also be used as intoxication. 

Tinctures can also be found with herbs such as garlic, ginger or milk thistle having several different health benefits.

How Much Alcohol Does Cannabis Tincture Have In?

So as we can understand how much alcohol cannabis tincture has in it, we’ve discussed what Marijuana Tincture consists of below. 

This herbal remedy typically has an alcohol percentage of between 25% and 60% making it very strong, hence why it’s taken in small amounts, the strong strength alcohol helps to break down the basic and acidic components of the plant.

Other liquids such as vinegar can be used in a tincture of cannabis but it doesn’t work as well as alcohol for breaking the pant down. 

As we mentioned above, Marijuana Tincture will not get you drunk, since the tincture is normally in a pump spray bottle or dropper so you only consume very small amounts. If you did consume a whole bottle of Marijuana Tincture then it could get you slightly drunk, but you would feel the cannabis as the active ingredient before alcohol tincture.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Cannabis Tincture? 

Cannabis alcohol tincture has a lot of pros and cons and can be an ideal remedy for people suffering from medical issues such as pain or low appetite.

We’ve listed the advantages of using cannabis tincture below. 

  • It’s easy to control – Due to cannabis tincture being in a dropper bottle it’s easy to measure out how much you need or want to have in comparison to edibles or smoking the herb.
  • They last for a long time – Cannabis and alcohol tincture lasts for a very long time and doesn’t go bad.
  • Works fast – The alcohol soak and combination of ethyl alcohol with the cannabis makes this herb very strong therefore you can start to feel the effects quickly.
  • Treats pain – From chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms and seizures, having a herbal remedy regimen can effectively help to reduce and control pain in the body.
  • Helps a variety of other conditions – Cannabis tincture can help increase appetite as well as insomnia or inflammatory skin diseases.  

Are There Any Side Effects Of Cannabis Tincture?

Although cannabis tincture has a lot of benefits, some other side effects are worth knowing before you take this liquid marijuana. 

  • Possible cannabis addiction – It is possible that taking cannabis tincture over a long period could lead to a cannabis addiction, it will not likely lead to alcohol addiction since you are consuming it in such small amounts.
  • Interferes with other medication – It’s important to note that taking Cannabis tincture while taking other medication can have immune effects and adverse side effects, if your taking one medication it can well reduce the effectiveness of the meds you are already taking.
  • Slower reaction time – It is proven that CBD-rich cannabis extracts can interfere with your reaction time and slow you down.
  • Dry mouth – Due to the high from cannabis tincture it can give you a dry mouth especially since it’s taken orally.
  • Perception of time – It is possible that your perception of time and what’s going on around you, in general, can be affected by the drug ingredient in cannabis.

How To Use Cannabis Tincture 

If you are taking cannabis tincture for the first time you might be wondering how to take it, we will discuss the basic process for ingesting these herbal extracts below.

Take your cannabis tincture dropper and place it under your tongue the drop your required dose according to the effects of the medication you need. Allow the herbs in alcohol to sit under your tongue so as it can be absorbed, this will ensure the effects are fast.

This allows the Tincture to be taken in through a process called osmosis and avoids it using the digestion process in your stomach, you will start to feel the effects within around half an hour. We would suggest using two or three drops, to begin with.

How To Make Cannabis Tincture 

You can make cannabis tincture at home through three different methods, the hot method, cold method and a warm method, you will need your marijuana plus some high proof alcohol for these recipes. 

Cold Method 

Making your cannabis tincture through a cold process is the easiest way since you do not need to do any cooking. 

We’ve listed the steps to follow below. 

  1. Start by breaking up your cannabis into small amounts and putting it into a glass jar. 
  2. Pour your strong alcohol into the jar till it covers the pieces of plants, we suggest using a gram of your marijuana per fluid ounce of alcohol.
  3. Put the lid on your jar and freeze for about 4-5 days, shake it every two days. 
  4. Now strain the mixture and place it in a dropper!

Warm Method 

For the warm method, you follow the steps above, except you don’t put it in the freezer and put it on the shelf instead for around 60 days. It’s a good idea to make a new tincture mix every few weeks if you follow the warm method.

Hot Method

This is also known as a Green dragon method, it’s the quickest way to make your Tincture but can be dangerous if you don’t keep an eye on the heat. 

  1. To begin, cut your cannabis up into very small pieces and bake in the oven at 325F for around 5-10 minutes. 
  2. Mix in your jar with your alcohol put the jar in a pan with some water around (like a double boiler method), simmer the mixture until it reaches 160F. 
  3. Remove the jar carefully with some oven gloves and allow it to cool, strain the mixture and pour it into dropper bottles.

Is Cannabis & Alcohol Okay To Mix?

Combining cannabis and alcohol has had a fair amount of speculation on the herbal medicine market due to them having similar side effects. 

Having alcohol and cannabis in a tincture mixture could indeed increase the side effects from both drugs such as sedation, It has been said that CBD can cancel out some of alcohol negative side effects too such as cell damage or alcohol addiction. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Tincture 

Is cannabis tincture legal? 

This tincture mix can only be had in legalised countries or from legalised dispensaries. 

Is tincture stronger than marijuana edibles?

The tincture is stronger than edibles since it gets absorbed quickly into your bloodstream.

Which kind of alcohol should I use in tincture?

The best alcohol you can use in your tincture mix is 80% proof vodka, you need strong pure alcohol to break down the plant.

Does cannabis tincture make you high? 

Yes, if your tincture mix has enough THC inside it can make you high.

Could you put a tincture on your skin? 

There is a type of cannabis tincture you can put on your skin, but ones with a high alcohol per cent are to be avoided since they can dry out your skin.

What are some other names for cannabis tincture?

Some other names for this herbal mixture are liquid THC or liquid marijuana.

Final Words

Overall, cannabis tincture does not get you drunk since it’s only taken in small amounts, if you did drink a whole bottle of cannabis tincture then you might feel some effects from the alcohol but it’s likely the THC high from the marijuana would hit you first. 

There are some tincture mixes you can get which do not use strong alcohol if you would prefer to have CBD benefits without the side effects of alcohol.

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