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Davinci IQ Review – Our Thoughts In 2022 – 2023

Davinci IQ Review

From an industry recognised pocket herb vape manufacturer, DaVinci, comes their latest and quite possibly their greatest offering. The IQ.

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  • Great stealth. Small, fits in the hand very well
  • Excellent vapor production, nice and smooth satisfying vapour production
  • Replaceable 18650 batteries
  • Very cool LED display
  • Precision control in heating

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Looks & Presentation

Right out of the box itself, you can tell right away that DaVinci have put a lot of effort and though into the presentation. The IQ is very well presented and comes with a handy international charger, USB cable, an 18650 battery, cleaning essentials and a raised mouth piece. As well as all of this DaVinci also provide a very nice stirrer tool and metal stash container key ring. These come in extremely handy.

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The IQ comes with a partial charge so you can switch it on right away. The LED’s look very nice. They are extremely bright, but the bonus here is that you can dim them down to increase stealth.

The IQ comes in a range of colours to choose from, gunmetal grey (my fave), black, copper and blue.

Precision Vapor Paths

As well as the manual heating temperature settings, The IQ also give you the added benefit of setting yourself up to four vapor paths.

A vapor path is a 10 minute long custom temperature setting.

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For example, I have set two settings already for my vapor path.

The first one is for when i want a quick session in stealth. So I have it start at 190°c for the first 2 minutes and then it goes up to 200°c for another 5 minutes and then up to 220°c until the end of the session. This goes through the herb at a fairly rapid speed but it is ideal for cheeky quick sessions.

The second path I have programmed is for chilling sessions. So Im not in any rush, I’ve sat down on the sofa and vaping while enjoying some TV. This one starts at 180°c for 4 minutes, then 190°c for 3 minutes and then finishes at 200°c.

The vapour paths can be set using the IQ phone app. Which is very intuitive and user friendly.

The Vape

Loading the bowl is very easy. The design of the loading area is spot on! Well done DaVinci! The whole surface where you load is curved inwards and towards the bowl. So any spillage, will naturally fall right into the bowl.

Once you bowl is loaded, you set the vapor path and let the IQ heat up.

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Once it has hit the desired temperature, it will vibrate to let you know and you can begin to draw on it.

The vapour quality is premium and that is thanks to its 100% ceramic zirconia air path.

The stirring tool comes in very handy here allowing you to stir your bowl mid session.


The IQ is a premium vape, there is no doubt about it. The design, build and in use is exceptional. It is apparent that a lot of hard work has gone into the creation of The IQ.

The micro usb charging connection makes The IQ universal, with further added benefit of the replaceable batteries ensuring that you are never out of power.

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Again, the vapour quality and smoothness – even at the higher temperatures is really worth mentioning again. With a lot of other vapes, you get a rough, harsh taste on the higher temps, The IQ still gives you smooth vapor and great flavour.

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