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Da Vinci Miqro Review Stealth Vape Review 2020

The latest offering from DaVinci, The Miqro is a nifty little weed vaporiser which boasts smooth quality vapor and super stealth.

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The Miqro is a smart little vape that sits nicely in the palm of your hand. With a choice of 2 mouth pieces, I usually have one when Im vaping solo and the extended one when in a group session (mostly for the hygiene factor). The extended mouthpiece can also be used with a water bong.

In the box;

  • Miqro glove
  • Grinder coin
  • Carry can
  • Cleaning kit
  • Alternate mouthpiece
  • Instructions

Remember to grind the herb finely and pack tight.

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The smart paths is one of the best innovations from DaVinci and enables you to get the most from your cannabis.

  • Smart Path 1: 176°C – 188°C
  • Smart Path 2: 188°C – 198°C
  • Smart Path 3: 198°C – 210°C
  • Smart Path 4: 210°C – 221°C

Whether you’re daytime or evening, night time vaping; one of the smart paths will definitely fit your purpose.

For the last few hits, press and hold the control button, this will enable the boost mode and temporarily increase the temperature.

Stealth mode, press control and down – this will dim the light.

The replaceable batteries make for no loss of vape time when out and about.

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The charging is kept easy with a micro USB port, which pretty much everyone has at least one of.

For a full charge from dead, would take approximately 90 minutes. A key feature worth noting is the fact that you can continue to use the vape while its being charged.

To check how much battery you have left, while the unit is on, press the up and down button at once.

The quality of vape you will get from The Miqro is very satisfying, the clouds are nice and thick and very tasty. Even at the higher temperatures, the vapor still feels smooth

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  • Very high quality vapour
  • Small and very stealthy
  • Extra batteries to keep you going
  • Universal charging with a micro USB adapter
  • Vape while charging
  • A better price point than that of The IQ


  • The unit does get hot
  • It would be nice to manually control the temperature


Overall this is a very nice vape. It actually feels good to hold, it looks very nice. The vapour quality is amazing, nice smooth, cool vape. With interchangeable batteries, the ability to charge while on the move and extras that come with it, make The Miqro one of the best vapes of 2020.

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