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Arizer EQ Review – Desktop Vape 2022 – 2023

Arizer EQ Desktop Vape Review

Quick overview TLDR;

  • Exceptional vapor quality / production
  • Remote control
  • 2 Balloons & a whip included
  • Easy to clean

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When you see the name Arizer, you know, without a doubt, the product will be premium. The EQ is actually a beast of a vape! Definitely one of our faves!

With a whole host of features, accessories and ease of use make The EQ one of the best vapes on the market and further secures Arizer as a market leader and a known quality product supplier. Here are some of the reasons it stands out from its peers;

The Set Up

The set up of the EQ could not be simpler. You have the option of using the EQ with the bags or the whip. They both have their own advantages. I personally prefer the balloon. It provides a smoother vapor in my opinion. The whip also gives you a good direct mouth to lung hit and is great for sharing, but for the solo sessions; I much rather prefer the balloons. That is, of course, not to say that the balloon isn’t good for sharing – just the fact that it takes a minute or two to completely fill the balloon, where the whip is almost instantly ready to go.

The Vape

As with any other vape; we suggest heating out the bowl a few times on max heat to rid the product itself of any factory smells.

Once set up, you are ready to go. The EQ comes with a remote control (which I love!). You simply set the desired temperature and fan speed (when using the balloon) and let it do its magic.

The balloon, will take approx 2 minutes to completely fill up. I keep the temperature on around 210-220 degrees celsius and the fan setting quite low, I find this gives me the best dense vapor. Once the bag is filled, the vapor doesn’t taste burnt or hot at all. I found at the max temperature, 260c, the vapor is yet much more dense but you also get a combustion taste so 210 is right where

I enjoy the most.

For use with the whip, we found turning the fan off and keeping the temperature at 200 was the best. The flavour was just awesome and had a good amount of vapor which was cool enough to enjoy (yes, even at 200c).

While the remote isn’t absolutely necessary, it certainly makes life much easier! After a bowl; you simply load it with a new bowl and when you are ready to go, turn the unit on with the remote to get it heating up to the desired temperature. Done.

I also loved the glass stirring tool that Arizer provide. This was not only useful to stir the material in the bowl between sessions, but also doubles as a blocker. So once your balloon is ready, you detach the balloon from the glass piece and insert the stirrer in. This keeps the vape/smell inside. And this way you don’t misplace the stirrer!

The LED’s, while not essential to the vaping experience, provide a very cool glow around the outside of the unit. This looks pretty cool and serves as good eye-candy.


A unit like this is bound to get a little residue build up however, the cleaning process couldn’t be simpler.

I simply detach the mesh screen from the glass piece and soak the both in some iso alcohol. The balloon tip may also need cleaning and this is easily done using a cotton bud (cue tip) with some alcohol. After a few hours (or overnight) soaking, I simply run it under hot water and let it air dry.

The unit itself will not need much maintenance, and like most products they launch, Arizer have gone to the trouble of making the parts that do need regular cleaning, very accessible and detachable.


The EZ is not only a powerful vaporizer, but is also very high quality and extremely (some pun intended :)) easy to use.

Arizer supply 2 bags and a whip to get you going, all of which you can also buy separately.

The vapor quality from the glass pieces is nothing short of amazing.

It is very easy to set up and use. The remote feature makes it more user friendly. Cleaning and maintaining couldn’t be simpler.

As far as desktop vapes go, The EQ is a beast and one of the best on the market.