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Arizer Air 2 Review – Our Thoughts In 2022 – 2023

Arizer Air II Review

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Quick overview TLDR;

  • Excellent vapor quality / production
  • Interchangeable 18650 batteries
  • Micro USB charging port

Brought to you by the well-known manufacturer, Arizer who have been in the industry for over a decade!

The Air II in terms of looks, is quite similar to The original Air. In that it is compact and feels nice to hold.

Like all of Arizer’s portable vaporizers, the glass mouth pieces provided are all interchangeable.

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The box also includes a few metal mesh screens. These are great and definitely stop the small bits of herb getting in your mouth. You can use the Air 2 without the screen of course but I prefer it with.

There is a delay when turning the unit on, this helps for accidental power on when kept inside a bag or your pocket.

The Vape

I usually start vaping at around 180c. Once the desired tenperature is reached, which didn’t take long at all, I let is sit and cook for a further few seconds. This builds up the vapor in the chamber.

The first draw, while getting amazing taste, will not result in huge clouds. This is to be expected. I’d then crank it up to 195c.

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Now the draw is very satisfying. Great flavour and lovely cloud production. Even with the clouds, the vapor is still very smooth and doesn’t make you cough. A huge plus point! I keep it at this temperature for a few draws.

205c. A very nice place to be. This is where the effects start getting intense. The flavour is still there along with the clouds. Vape is still surprisingly smooth.

I then max out the temperature to finish the bowl and while the vape is a little less smooth at this temperature, its certainly not enough to effect the taste.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Another great plus point to Arizer is the cleaning of their portable vaporizers is so easy.

Iso alcohol on a cotton bud (qtip for our American friends), clean inside the chamber.

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I then soak the glass stem and mesh screen in iso alcohol for a few hours and then rinse with warm water. Done.


Like the original Air, The Air 2 brings you amazing vapor quality. One of the best in the industry.

The digital display gives you a few options such as the bleep loudness as well as the auto switch off delay and the brightness also giving you precise temperature control, all very nice features.

It is easy to clean and use. The Arizer Air was my regular longer session vape to chill to. Now it definitely has to be the Air 2.

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