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Can Vape From Weed Make Cats Sick? Read More About It.

If you weed vape often at home, you might be wondering if the second-hand smoke from your vape could potentially be making your furry friend sick? 

It is possible that weed could make your cat sick if the vapour was ingested in large amounts, however, it’s more likely they would get sick from the vape juice or by eating the plant directly than inhaling second-hand smoke. 

Within our guide below, we will cover whether or not CBD is good for your cat if vaping is good or not for your pet, causes of sickness from vaping around your cat and some symptoms. We will also list a few tips for vaping safely around your pet.

Is CBD Bad For My Cat? 

Nowadays CBD is becoming more and more popular in pet owners for treating their animal friends conditions such as anxiety and skin problems, but little research has been done about the good and bad effects on cats who consume CBD. 

The THC high from CBD in your cat can lead to dizziness, drooling and even dehydration, since toxicity in animals is much higher than in humans due to them being smaller, they also don’t know what’s going on which can be frightening.

Can I Vape Weed Around My Cat?

Vaping weed around your cat is mostly not recommended, this is because marijuana cannabinoids can affect a sensitive cat’s receptors harshly, tetrahydrocannabinol in weed is also said to be one of the toxic chemicals in weed that could make your cat sick.

Making your cat sick from vaping weed is unlikely since the vapour is not typically enough to have high amounts of THC, but there are some more likely causes from vaping weed that could lead to your cat getting sick. 

  • Inhaling toxins – There are a few toxins that can be inhaled by your cat such as propylene glycol from the vape juice, this is bad for humans as well as cats and can cause an allergic reaction due to the secondary cannabinoids.
  • Eating capsules – Vape juices and cartridges are often in the form of capsules if one is left down your cat could ingest harmful chemicals and have adverse effects, never keep leftover juices and capsules near curious animals.
  • Third-hand smoking – Third-hand smoke is very dangerous to animals and can be taken in by leftover smoke on your cat’s fur or furniture for example, for short nose pets in particular this is likely.

Symptoms Your Pet Has Consumed Too Much Cannabis 

If you suspect your pet has intoxication from the inhalation of marijuana smoke or vapour then your cat will likely be showing symptoms such as. 

  • Hyperactivity. 
  • Unusual heart rate. 
  • Lack of coordination. 
  • Struggling to breathe. 
  • Hyper. 
  • Dilated pupils.

If your cat is experiencing any of these symptoms from either secondhand smoke or they are at risk of weed ingestion then you should take them to the vet as soon as you can.

Can My Cat Get Sick From E-Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes compared to a weed vape are even more likely to give your cat poisoning since they are filled with liquid nicotine which is toxic for all kinds of animals. 

Most cats will vomit or get diarrhoea from the ingestion of nicotine, these toxic effects could be through tobacco smoke residue and third-hand smoke or nicotine capsules left around.

How To Vape Safely Around Your Cat

If you do weed vape around your home you should be taking precautions to keep your cat safe from the health risk of inhaling weed from your vape. 

We’ve listed our best tips below for helping you vape around your cat. 

  • Store everything out of reach from your cat – One of the most important ways to stop your cat from accessing your weed vape is by storing it away from your cat, this goes for all the juices too and the weed itself, since cats can climb, we suggest sealing in an airtight container too.
  • Keep ventilation in your home – Open windows in your home, put on a fan or invest in an air purifier to keep the air as clean as you can for your furry friend in your home.
  • Vape in a separate place – To avoid third-hand smoke or second-hand smoke simply make sure you are vaping away from your cat outside.
  • Ask other people to vape away – If you have any guests who vape or smoke, ask them politely to smoke away from your pet or keep your pet inside while people are vaping.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vaping Around Your Cat

What does the euphoric effect mean in my cat?

Euphoric effect means intense excitement or energy, it can be a side effect of THC.

Is weed smoke bad for a cat? 

Weed smoke might not be bad for your cat in small periods but it can have long-term health effects over time if your cat keeps ingesting vapour, lots of weed smoke in an unventilated area could be toxic for your cat.

Do cats have cannabinoid receptors?

All animals have cannabinoid receptors, especially cats who have more than humans meaning they are more sensitive to cannabis.

What harmful chemicals does vape juice have? 

Vape juice has harmful chemicals such as propylene glycol which is toxic to animals and can cause allergies.

Can I give my cat lung cancer from breathing in weed vapour?

It is unlikely you can give your cat lung cancer, but they could get breathing issues from breathing in too much weed vapour.

Last Words 

Overall, vaping from weed van make cats sick in large amounts, this is because vape juice itself is toxic and cannabis can have high intoxicant effects on cats due to their large amount of cannabinoid receptors which absorb THC faster than humans. 

We would suggest smoking cannabis in a separate place from your cat to avoid second or third-hand smoking, if your cat shows any signs of intoxication, take them to the vet straight away.

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton

Im Ryan, a Medical Cannabis Activist & Blog Owner @ I started the blog as a medium to answer questions and grow the awareness of the herb. Along with the medicinal properties, cannabis can help grown the economy with its vast amount of taxable finances. Less violent properties than alcohol, cannabis legalisation is inevitable.

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  1. I appreciate this article! I have a cat that sleeps on/in my bed. I adore her. Could you tell me more about “third hand smoke?” I definitely don’t blow it in her face and it isn’t ever left out where she can get to it (I’m sure she would try to eat it!) thanks for getting back to me about third-hand smoke.

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