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OmniVap: Blackwood – By Dynavap – Review 2022 – 2023

One of the best vaporizers I have used. Quick, small, very powerful – non-reliant on batteries and simply awesome.

Blackwood OmniVap Review

First Impressions

Don’t let the size fool you, while being very compact; this little vape packs one hell of a punch! It hits hard, you get amazing clouds and great taste.

One of the best things about this vaporizer is the fact that it is so customisable!

There are many different varieties – all of them found here!

This review is about the Blackwood Omnivap TI.

It is such a beautiful little vape, honestly.

What makes the Omnivap Ti so special is the fact that it is an instant high.

Loading & Heating

With other electrical vapes, you’ll often find they take time to warm up so even the quickest sessions can take a good few minutes.

With the products from Dynavap, you fill up the stem with your herb (careful not to over pack as this has a big effect on the air flow), place the Vapcap over the stem and heat the cap.

When the optimal temperature is reached, the cap will click. This means, you are ready to vape! A few seconds later, you will hear another click. This means the cap is now cool. I would wait a minute or so before refilling the bowl as it would still be a little hot.

Also be very careful when handling the device as the cap gets extremely HOT! Ive burned my lips and fingers a few times. Luckily, it wasn’t very bad, but still be careful!

You can light the cap with literally any heat source. A regular lighter, candle, jet lighters, stoves, people have even made custom heating devices using ecig mods!

The best way to do this is to use a jet flame butane lighter. While regular flames work, they will take a lot of time to heat up. Jet flames are more of a concentrated heat source and thus reducing the heat up time.

Tips & Techniques For the Omnivap

The other factor to bear in mind is that you will get a different experience depending on where on the cap you administer the heat. If you heat towards the tip (end of the cap), it will click sooner and the hits will not be as good. If you heat towards the other end of the cap, you will get a better hit and thicker clouds. The middle will be the mid ground in between the two.

I personally, like to start off with heating the part away from the tip. This gives the most flavour. Once the cooling click gives me the signal, I then light towards the mid section. This gives the hardest hits and most amount of vapor. Then, if you like you can do another cycle and light towards the tip – but at this point you could be burning your herb so be careful.

Protip – When lighting using ANY heating source, make sure you turn the device quickly so as to not overheat one particular part of the cap. This results in a much nicer and evenly distributed hit.

Best Butane Jet Lighter For The Dynavap? Single, Double, Triple Or Quadruple?

You can use either of these but they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Single flame – Great for precision heating. Gives you great control as to where you light it. Takes a little longer to heat but ideal for those who want to savour the herb and take their time!

Double flame – These are a step up in terms of heat distribution. You can still position the lighter so only one flame hits the cap allowing for a softer heat source.

Triple flame – This gives you the best of both worlds of the double and single flames. You can easily position for a single flame or use the double flame. Towards the end, for an extra heat boost, wrap the cap between the 3 flames and you will get an awesome hit (don’t hold it too close!).

Quadruple flame – This is the beast. Use with caution as its hard to position the single flame on the cap. When using the quadruple flame, be sure to hold and twist the device quite far from it otherwise you will burn it quickly.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning the Omnivap could not be simpler. You disassemble the parts. Either rinse with warm water and soap. Then rinse with hot water and you are done.

I personally like to soak all the parts in ISO alcohol then rinse with hot water. Be VERY careful with this method as if you even have a slight amount of the ISO on the device – it could be hazardous! But I make sure I wash it well with hot water after then let it air dry.

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