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How Do You Know When Vaped Weed Is Done?

If you’re new to vaping, then you may find it difficult to tell when your cartridge has finished. With a variety of portable vapes for purchase, including conduction vapes and convection vapes, choosing the right way to vape marijuana can also be difficult. 

How do you know when vaped weed is done? Marijuana vapes can vary on cartridge use depending on a number of factors, including temperature settings, vape chamber, and how minutes of vaping is done. Smell, taste, and color are some ways to tell however.

Even the most efficient vaporizer will eventually use up a dry herb vape cartridge, regardless of temperature settings. 

However nicotine vapes and marijuana vaporizers all use up their cartridge differently depending on the settings of the product, and how long a dry herb vaping session goes on for. 

We’ll be mostly looking at marijuana vaping devices here, but these rules and guidelines also generally apply to nicotine vaping devices and vapes with a more delicious flavor such as fruit or candy.

Flavor chasers will be able to tell when a vape is finished the best, as the fullest flavor e-juices quickly change once emptied out and finished with.  

Are Vape Clouds Signs of a Finished Cartridge?

Vapor clouds are perhaps the most obvious sign produced by portable vapes. Both convection vaporizers and conduction vaporizers will produce aromatic vapor. 

Surprisingly however, visible vapor can still occur when a vape pen has finished. Although without as much of the cartridge to fuel it, vapor clouds can be quite different from normal. 

An empty device will produce chemical vapors which can lead to vaping related lung illness and lung failure. 

On top of lung injuries, these vapors will have a bad taste , making your dry herb vape as bad as a traditional cigarette in most regards. 

Combined with the impaired reaction time from psychoactive substances in weed, this cocktail of chemicals can prove to be very dangerous. 

Coloration of Weed Vape

Checking the color of your cartridge is also a popular way of telling if it has been finished off or not, especially with fresh flavor juices and cannabis vapes. 

THC vapes usually come with a green color, the iconic color shared by the marijuana plant itself. However, when done the cartridge will have. a brown color instead. 

This brown color resembles tobacco more than weed, and is a byproduct of the excess oils found in THC and CBD vaping flavors. 

Your cartridge may need a stir from time to time to keep it clean and operational, but a brown color is a sign of a finished vape more so than a dirty electronic cigarette.

How to Taste a Finished Vape Pen

A dry herb vape or THC cart is used in the majority of marijuana vaping, but in terms of taste it is rather easy to notice. 

Cannabis has a very distinctive taste, perhaps not as strong in terms of taste as fruity e-juices, but certainly stronger than nicotine vaping. 

So if you begin to notice a lack of flavor to your marijuana vaping sessions, perhaps your weed vape has already finished and is in need of replacement. 

Of course you can enjoy every drop of flavor in your vape, but once it’s gone you are better off restocking your pen with a fresh cart. 

Smell of a Finished Vape

Dry herb vaporizers also tend to share the iconic smell of marijuana, making it very easy to tell when a cartridge is done. 

In addition, if you get a particularly foul smell when cleaning your vape oven between sessions then it may be time to replace the cart. 

A swappable oven vape is easier to clean, but regardless your dry herb vape will have a very particular scent when in use. 

How Vape Settings Decay a Vape Cartridge

Whether you are using desktop vaporizers or a vaping pen, you should be careful to never exceed the max temperature settings on your vaping device. 

Depending on the temperature level of the vape, you can get different results for your vaping session. This is also dependent on your personal preference. 

At a lower temperature, your vape will have a more full bodied flavor, and burn through the cartridge at a slower rate. Ideal for flavor chasers. 

At maximum temperature, your vape pen will produce more oil for a stronger psychoactive and stimulant reaction. 

In general, if you’re vaping at high wattage or with strong flavorings, your battery will likely drain faster than if you’re using lower wattages and milder flavors.

Once the vape cartridge has been used, it will typically start to decay naturally. This means you should try to use as much of your vape cart in one session, to make the most of the cartridge.

If you encounter signs that your vape cartridge has started to decay, it is important to take action. The best way to ensure that your vape cartridge is in good condition is to keep it stored in a cool, dry place.

You can also store your vape cartridges in an airtight container to prevent the release of volatile chemicals, and the decay of your refill carts. 

Decaying and degrading carts can also cause damage to the device itself, damaging the battery and coils. As such, it’s important to take good care of your vaporizer. 

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Ryan Hamilton

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