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Does Vaping Weed Cause Bad Breath? Know Here

So, you’ve started vaping and you’ve noticed a slight change in your breath. You don’t like the smell, but it’s not that bad.

You’ve been vaping for a while now, and you’re wondering if it could be a health risk. Let’s talk about this, and what you can do about it.

I know a lot of people still think that vaping is to blame for bad breath, especially if you vaped weed. But it’s natural. When you vape weed, the vape produces a certain amount of toxins. That can enters to your body.

Unfortunately cannabis smokers are not exempt from having bad breath, and you can actually suffer from the same problems caused by smoking cigarettes.

Cannabinoids found in marijuana act as an irritant to the lungs, causing coughing, a sore throat and eventually a bad breath. This is why we recommend avoiding vapes and using dry herb to avoid these problems.

How does marijuana effect oral health?

There is a lot to know about marijuana and how it affects oral health, from the effects of the drug in the blood stream to the ways the drug is ingested.

  • Xerostomia.

Xerostomia is a medical condition that occurs when there is a lack of saliva. It can be caused by many things, including medications, medicinal plants, and weather.

It is no wonder that many people wonder how this drug affects the health of their oral health. If you are marijuana user, you may experience a dry mouth, which is one of the most common side effects of the drug.

Dry mouth can cause issues with your oral health, such as dry and sticky lips, bad breath and a lot more.

  • Tooth decay.

Smoking Marijuana has been shown to cause oral health problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer.

  • Gum disease.

Yes, there are studies that show that vaping marijuana can cause gum disease. If you or a family member are a regular smoker of marijuana, you should know that this herb has the ability to weaken your gums.

Basically, it can cause gum disease, a bacterial infection that affects the gums and the teeth. If you do smoke marijuana, you should be brushing your teeth regularly.

  • Discolored teeth.

When you are smoking weed, you might assume that the smoke of flower or dry herb has no effect on the teeth. But, did you know that smoke directly applied to the teeth can cause discolored teeth?

It is not easy to detect the teeth discoloration, which can also be caused by other products, such as tobacco or nicotine.

Cannabis has a reputation for causing discolored teeth, and this is true in some cases. However, a substantial amount of this is because of the type of stain that is often introduced in the mouth (when someone smokes).

This “dark brown” stain is the result of an enzyme called Myeloperoxidase, which can be found in the gums and saliva of everyone. This enzyme is naturally produced by the body, and there is nothing wrong with it.

However, the cannabis plant contains another enzyme called Myeloperoxidase-Inhibitor, or MPO, which is found in the resin of the plant.  And this is how can affect your teeth and can cause discoloration.

  • Increased levels of bacteria.

What you may not know is that the regular bacteria in your mouth can affect your overall health. Although it is unlikely that the bacteria will harm you, you can increase the number of bacteria in your mouth by vaping e-liquid.

We know that regular vaping will not lead to oral bacteria in the mouth, but it is still something to watch out for. For example, if you are a mouth breather, you should be extra careful about this.

Good oral hygiene practices for marijuana smokers.

There are many oral hygiene practices that can be used with a marijuana habit, but some are more important than others. The most important oral hygiene practices are those that prevent your teeth from becoming stained from the smoke. If teeth are stained, it can be hard to maintain a healthy mouth.

How to practice proper oral hygiene?

You should only use an oral care product with a “packaged” flavor. In other words, you should use a product like Dental Floss or a stick of gum. Don’t chew tobacco because it would be harmful to your teeth.

And the most effective way to prevent bad breath is by:

  • Brushing your teeth three times a day.
  • Flossing.

Flossing is an effective way of removing plaque.

  • Rinsing your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Consult dental care.

How to know if you’re on your way to bad breath?

Bad breath can leave you questioning whether you’re on the right track. The main cause is poor dental hygiene. The saliva that is produced in your mouth also contains bacteria that can cause bad smell.

There are a lot of factors that can cause bad breath, There are other two main causes of bad breath, and they are both very well know in the community of vapers: Chlorophyll and high temperatures.

The best way to know if you’re on your way to bad breath is by taking a whiff of your breath before you eat or drink.

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton

Im Ryan, a Medical Cannabis Activist & Blog Owner @ I started the blog as a medium to answer questions and grow the awareness of the herb. Along with the medicinal properties, cannabis can help grown the economy with its vast amount of taxable finances. Less violent properties than alcohol, cannabis legalisation is inevitable.

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