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Does Vaping Weed Have Carbon Monoxide? Find Out Here!

Do Weed Vapes Have Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide comes from incomplete combustion and is typically said to be found in cigarettes from smoking nicotine, which is one of the reasons why many people switch to vaping. 

Some studies have shown electronic cigarettes and vapes have carbon monoxide inside when smoked from the vapour, other studies have also disapproved of this however saying the level of carbon monoxide comes down to the power of the vape.

In our guide below we will discuss the studies that show vaping has carbon monoxide, the effects of inhaling carbon monoxide, if vaping is worse than cigarettes in terms of carbon monoxide and what new studies show about vaping and carbon monoxide.

Where Does The Carbon Monoxide Come From In Vape Juice? 

Many people are surprised to hear that vape juice could have carbon monoxide inside of it, this claim originally came from a New England Journal Of Medicine Study due to a chemical inside of vapes called formaldehyde, this toxic gas was said by the study to produce carbon monoxide causing many people to panic since carbon monoxide can change how your body process oxygen cells for lung function. 

Weed vapes in particular have been said in the past to produce carbon monoxide due to the poor temperature control inside of vapes which cause an unhealthy combustion process to bring out chemicals such as pesticides in the marijuana plant.

Most of the carbon monoxide reports however come from the vape tube or the coil inside of the vape rather than strains of cannabis itself. 

Is Vaping Worse Than Cigarettes In Terms Of Carbon Monoxide? 

On the whole, vaping is said to be much better for your health than smoking cannabis due to the lower byproducts of the combustion process, for example, a PMC study showed that when cannabis users switched to vapourization of cannabis rather than smoking respiratory symptoms such as wheezing went down.

In comparison to vape nicotine, a cannabis vape pen is better for you since it doesn’t have the negative effects associated with nicotine like carbon monoxide and 

Some studies have also shown however that vaping cannabis in comparison to vape e-cigarettes has more association with poor respiratory symptoms from the University of Michigan.

The aerosol involved in the vaporization of cannabis is said to have – 

  • Poor temperature control – Heating vapour too much could cause a combustion process with carbon monoxide, tar and more.
  • Concentrated cannabis – Many people are concerned about concentrate samples of cannabis oil inside of vapes, pesticides and solvents are not measured in these oils and could be present in your vaping.
  • Heavy metals – Metals in nicotine devices have shown that metal can leech into your vapour from the coils inside of devices, since e-cigs and weed vapes or the same nowadays this goes for both.

Effects Of Carbon Monoxide On The Body 

Carbon monoxide is one of the main reasons regular users of cigarettes switch to vapes, people who have lung damage from smoking weed also prefer vapes since they tend to be kinder to smoke. 

Any presence of carbon monoxide in your vape or e-cig should be taken seriously, this can have negative health effects such as – 

  • Poor exercise performance. 
  • Increased heart rate. 
  • Headaches. 
  • Starvation of oxygen. 
  • Chest pains.

Does Weed Vaping Have Carbon Monoxide? 

There are faults and inconsistencies in the old studies which show weed vapes have carbon monoxide inside, for example, on nearly all of the vapes tested on, they were used at the highest setting which essentially but the weed vape oil inside as well as the wick, showing levels of carbon monoxide, the same way as if you burnt toast. 

If you crank your weed vape up to the highest setting on a high power vape you will essentially be cooking the weed inside, leading to levels of CO which can be worsened by dry puffing. 

To avoid this simply use a coil within its limits and avoid burning the vape pens heat contents. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Weed Vapes & Carbon Monoxide 

What does dry puff mean on cannabis vaping devices?

Dry puffs are typical what cause carbon monoxide in e-cigs and vaping devices, this happens when the temperature of the wick inside of the device is too high, you can typically taste a dry puff too since the contents will taste burnt.

Do weed vapes affect lung function? 

Any kind of smoke can be an irritant to your lungs, problems such as additives in vape liquids or holding in chemicals for too long can hurt your lung function in the longer term, vaping weed is considerably better than smoking it due to no combustion process.

What are some respiratory symptoms of carbon monoxide? 

Shortness of breath, wheezing, fast heart rate and difficulty exercising.

How do I prevent carbon monoxide inside of my weed vape? 

Simply ensure that you are using your vape at the right temperature to avoid burning the contents inside.

Last Words

Overall, weed vapes do not have carbon monoxide in high amounts unless they are used at very high temperatures, burning the wick inside. Vaping weed is much better than types of users who smoke cannabis or cigarettes, you just need to ensure you are using these battery-powered devices the right way.

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