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Does Vaping Weed Affect A Water Fast?

Can Vaping Weed Break a Water Fast?

If you’ve chosen to do a fast for your religion or health, you might be wondering if you will need to give up your daily vaping routine to avoid breaking the water fast.

Well this all depends on why you are fasting, for example, vaping weed might not be allowed on religious fasts since you are ingesting vape juices into your saliva, on weight loss and other kinds of fasts, however, using your weed vape will not break the fast in any way.

To help you stay on track with your water fast and avoid breaking it we’ve composed a small guide below which will give you all the essential information you need to know about fasting while vaping weed.

Can I Vape Weed When Religious Fasting?

Vaping weed is typically regarded as a no-go for religious fasting, for example, in water fasting for Hinduism, weed vaping would not be allowed due to spiritual reasons during Islamic fasting, water is not even allowed therefore weed vaping wouldn’t be either.

Do Vape Juices Affect a Weight Loss Fast?

If your water fasting to detox or for weight loss then vape juices from your weed vape will not break your fast, although vaping is sweet most juices containers are under five calories for an ml so they will not affect your weight loss.

The only way that weed vaping could potentially affect your weight loss is that it can cause the munchies making you crave food, cannabis is also said to increase your appetite.

Will Vaping Weed On An Empty Stomach Make Me Higher?

Some weed vape users assume because you have nothing inside of your stomach that vaping weed fasted could make you higher, this is not true however since THC in weed is absorbed through the bloodstream, not the stomach.

Having high-fat foods in your stomach could make you higher since THC binds to fat.

Can Vaping Help With a Water Fast?

If you’ve started a water fast and you are looking for ways to stop yourself from breaking the fast then you might be wondering if weed vaping could help to restrict your hunger.

Well, vaping could potentially help your water fast by keeping your mouth busy, the sweetness in vapes can also help with cravings rather than reaching for food.

Does Vaping Weed Affect Other Types Of Fasting?

Water fasting can be done for several reasons such as for a blood donation or other medical reasons, we’ve listed how vaping weed could affect each of these below.

  • Water Fasting For Blood Donations
  • Water Fasting For UltraSound – Technically you should not ingest anything 6 hours before an ultrasound, vaping is one of them.
  • Water Fasting For Urine Test – We would not suggest vaping weed before a urine test either since it could be detected within your urine even after a few days.
  • Water Fasting For Surgery – Vaping is not suggested if you are fasting for surgery due to impacting the healing process, this would have to be approved via a doctor.

Final Words

In conclusion, vaping weed while on a water fast will affect the fast depending on why you are fasting, for religious purposes, you shouldn’t vape weed but for weight loss purposes vaping weed would be considered okay since it doesn’t have any calories.

Vaping weed on a fast will not get you any more high than usual since THC and CBD are absorbed directly through the bloodstream.

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton

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