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Can Weed Vapes Explode? Find Out Here

Electronic devices designed to help the user quit smoking are popular in today’s world. However, the use of lithium ion batteries (which most airline companies even have restrictions on) can lead to concerns about vape explosions.

Can weed vape pens explode? Sadly, yes! No matter if you’re using vape juice, nicotine, or cannabis, vape batteries are known to explode or set fire when they reach extreme temperatures and overheat. 

you may be wondering, if this is a problem unique to lithium ion batteries then why use them? The fact of the matter is that Li-ion batteries are still among the safer battery designs. 

A battery explosion can occur in any battery device, which is why it is important to maintain products such as e-cigarettes, remote controls, and even electric toothbrushes. 

Having a battery cover over your Li-ion batteries can help reduce some risk, as external batteries are exposed to more heat and temperature. 

However, loose batteries with improper battery management may need more caution, which we will be looking to discuss here. So if you’re worried about your loose batteries, find out how to prevent a dangerous fire. 

Why Does a Weed Vape Explode?

Li-ion batteries exposed to extreme heat have been known to overheat, leading to the battery pack setting fire. 

This is especially true for external batteries without a battery cover, which is open to the elements and more likely to explode as a result. 

The battery mechanism in lithium ion models are particularly sensitive to heat, and are more likely to degrade quickly over time when compared to more advanced models of battery. 

Lithium ion models are also naturally flammable, making them a prime fuel source for a fire to continue burning once it has begun. 

While temperature extremes may not pose too much of a problem for traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes packed with cannabis do risk disaster. 

What to do to Prevent a Battery Fire?

Vaping devices always run a risk of malfunction, however the risk of explosion is obviously far worse than the product simply breaking down and not working. 

As such, the first step to reduce the risk of explosion with vaping products is to buy from a reputable manufacturer. 

Currently the rules for manufacturers are loose and vague, as the vape manufacturer industry lacks serious regulation. This extends to safety rules as well, so cheaper businesses run a greater safety risk. 

The last thing you want when finding an alternative to cigarettes is for the vape pen to still pose a great health risk, especially if you live somewhere which has extremes in temperature fairly often. 

Damage to battery wraps and other flammable packaging can also pose a risk, especially if you are buying your batteries straight from the store. 

Lithium-ion battery thermal abuse behavior has also been the subject of several scientific studies, most of which aim to regulate vaping laws for better health and safety.

What not to do With Your Batteries?

The greatest risk of a fire or explosion with batteries comes from loose batteries. While vape battery fires can occur in the vaping pen itself, spare Li-ion batteries are also a risk. 

If you have loose lithium batteries, or any household batteries for that matter, you should keep them out of your trouser pockets. Batteries in pockets heat up fast, and can leave you with little time to react to a fire or explosion very close to your body. 

Luckily, even most low quality vaping equipment comes with the charger type of batteries. Pack batteries can be plugged in and charged, so you don’t need to buy unused lithium ion batteries to replace a dead battery. 

Unfortunately, this then creates a risk of a dangerously over- or under-charged battery. In a proper vape this is less of an issue, but in cheap equipment you can run the risk of damaging your battery over time by charging.

Use of an incorrect charger can also lead to battery damage, so if you’re shopping for vaporizer chargers make sure you know what you are looking for. 

A compatible charger is a necessity for the product, and you’ll find many different models available to purchase online and in stores.

However, we don’t recommend a USB charger, the kind you are likely to get from a cell phone manufacturer. This is because they aren’t designed for vapes.

If you do have a USB charger, then make sure to use a USB plug adapter or similar to plug it into a wall socket. 

You may want to try sticking the USB into other devices, such as a TV or laptop to charge, but this can lead to you damaging both devices and risking a fire. 

If you are using cheaper vape models, then you should also avoid charging the electronic cigarette over night while you sleep. 

This doesn’t necessarily reduce the risk of a fire, but it will keep you safer if one does occur as you can quickly notice it and handle it. 

How Often Do Battery Fires and Explosions Happen?

Although you may now be concerned about what brands of batteries to buy, or whether your cheap lithium ion batteries will explode, the truth is that vape pen explosions are rare. 

Such a rarity in fact, that it is estimated that only 1 in 10 million lithium ion batteries will actually explode, and this is still largely due to preventable causes. 

It is not necessarily any particular feature of Li-ion batteries that make them a risk, but rather lithium ion battery management systems which can expose batteries to dangerous temperatures. 

So you can rest easy, knowing that even the most low grade batteries and most cheap vape batteries are unlikely to explode, especially if you take good care of them. 

Firefighters in London even support vaping after figures demonstrated that traditional smoking caused more than 3500 fires over three years, while vapes caused only 15.

Advanced Vapes and Increased Risks

Some more advanced vapes allow the user to tinker with all kinds of settings to produce more vapor, or do some neat tricks. 

This largely centres around changing the voltage of the vape pen when smoking marijauna, but this can be very dangerous. 

Increasing the current and voltage of a vape pen, especially if you forget to change it back to default, can overheat the device very quickly.

As you now know, overheating the device will overheat your battery, which will then put it at risk of a fire or explosion. 

Going for super high end vaping products can be just as dangerous as going for the cheapest on the market, so be careful with what you’re doing if you’re unsure. 

Thankfully several guides exist online to provide information concerning vape pen settings, and product manuals for how to use the devices. 

Common Sense Vape Handling

Honestly, the best way to avoid battery fires and explosions is to practice some common sense when handling electronic devices. 

This is especially true when it comes to vape modding, a popular hobby among younger vape enjoyers where they modify their device for various purposes. 

However, if you don’t know what you are doing, then you should avoid tampering and battery projects such as this as it may lead to battery damage, and an increased hazard risk. 

Lithium ion battery materials can be dangerous, so we strongly suggest you avoid modifying or messing around with your vape pen, for protection against vape battery explosions. 

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Ryan Hamilton

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