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Arizer Solo 2 Review – Our Thoughts In 2022 – 2023

Arizer Solo II Review

Being a fan of Arizer, I was quite anxious and excited to test their newest product, The Solo 2.  This is definitely my new favourite vape 

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The Pros;

  • Retains the awesome vapour quality that Arizer are famous for
  • Extremely fast heat up time
  • Digital display making it easy to set precise temperatures
  • Smaller unit making it more stealthy
  • Carry case for the unit and the stems to use on the go
  • Awesome battery life – ~3 hours on a full charge and you can vape while its on charge

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The Cons;

  • The only con is the 4 second minimum delay to power the device on. You can have it set to a longer time if required (if you are carrying it in a handbag, it maybe required).

First Impressions

The first thing that impressed me about the Solo 2 By Arizer is the packaging. Historically, the products from Arizer that I’ve received have been in a plain brown cardboard box. No branded packaging.

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The Solo 2 has changed all of this and the unit presents itself in a very nice, remium-finish packaging.

The set up is very similar to the original Solo, you insert the material in the bottom of the glass stems provided, insert the stem in the unit and you are good to go!

Note: be sure not to over pack the material. Keeping it snug but not over packed will give the material an even exposure to the heat and will give you a much better vapour quality as it allows more air to pass through.

The Solo II is smaller than the original Solo in size and fits better in your palm. For potability and stealth, my choice is The Arizer Air.

The Vape

Once your herb filled stem is in the unit, you are ready to go.

By holding down the M and the UP buttons simultaneously, displays a countdown timer and after a few seconds the unit turns on. Right away you can see the previous temperature setting you had and adjust it if you wish. The unit will not start to heat up until you select a temperature.

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Once you have selected a temperature the unit will begin to heat up.

The heating time is very quick – in particular, compared to its predecessor but even when compared to the likes of The Mighty – the heat up time is quick!

The first draw, I started at 175°C which gave me some awesome flavour. Barely any vapor.

Then I cranked it up to 187°C. The flavour was still amazing, only now its followed by nice, satisfying and thick clouds.


Finally, to finish, I pushed it all the way to the top at 220°C – while there was some burnt taste, the effects were definitely noticeable and the clouds were now even more thick and, again, very satisfying.

The temperature can be increased or decreased in 1 degree increments or you can hold down the up or down button and it will raise or lower the temperature in 10 degree increments.

Arizer have always been number 1 when it comes to vapour quality, in my books. The flavour, the cloud and the effect have all be very nice with all of the products by Arizer. I am pleased to say The Solo II stays true to this.

The digital display definitely helps and adds to the user experience.

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The battery is a lot more powerful than the original Solo. Arizer advertise its 3+ hours, and my experiences on the unit confirm that you do get close to 3 hours (give or take) before you need to charge it up. You can actually charge whilst vaping – another huge bonus!

From the home display, you can set the bleep sound, the brightness, Celsius or Fahrenheit amongst other customisability. 


Overall, this is a very high quality vaporiser.

It is portable, easy to use, easy to clean and most importantly very quick to heat up and delivering an amazing flavour and effect.

Easily my new best dry herb vaporizer!

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