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Arizer Argo Review – Our Thoughts In 2022 – 2023

From one of the most premium manufacturers of vaporizers in the industry, Arizer bring us their ultimate in portable vape, The ArGo!

The ArGo – Portable Luxury Vape

When I heard about this product, needless to say, I was very keen to get my hands on it for a review. Excited like a little boy, the wait most certainly lived up to the anticipation!

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TLDR: Possibly one of the best portable vapes ever. The ArGo utilises replaceable 18650 batteries charged via micro usb, delivers amazing flavour with use of its glass stem while keeping the unit very compact.

The Look

This compact little vape looks great. It fits comfortable in your hand and is pretty discreet when in use. The feel of the product is premium and you can tell a lot of thought went into the design of The Argo.

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The menu system is on the LCD screen is quite familiar. The menu items are easy enough to navigate around and gives you all the options you would need to use the vape to your preference.

The smart click is also a very neat feature. This allows the stem to be completely hidden within the body of the vape when not in use. When you do want to use it, simply press down on the top to expose the mouthpiece where you can take a hit quite comfortably.

The Vape

With all vapes, it is advised to set it to the highest temperature and run until it switches off. Do this for a few cycles to get rid of any of the factory residue.

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As with any of the products from Arizer, the vape is truly the best part. The ArGo is noless. The vape is smooth and very flavourful.

The lower temperatures give you amazing taste. You can actually taste all of the spices and fruitiness in the herb. The glass mouthpiece does quite a fine job at allowing you to taste the product.

Gradually increasing the temperature is how I like to vape, bringing it up to around 200 celcius gives you a very good amount of vapor and effect. Both of which are very satisfying.

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Bringing the temperature to its highest at 220 celsius is where the real effects of the herb kick in. This is where you get the thickest of clouds and amazing effect. While most other vapes at this temperature will be quite harsh on the throat; The ArGo continues to give you very smooth and cool vapor.

The 2 other very useful features worth mentioning is the fact that it uses 18650 batteries the charging is done via a micro usb port. This makes it very convenient and ensures you don’t run out of power.

Maintenance / Cleaning

As with all Arizer portables, cleaning is truly a very quick and easy process. No need to disassemble or dismantle. You simply take the stems out of the unit, separate the mesh screen and drop it all in iso alcohol.

I usually leave it in the alcohol to soak for several hours or over night. Then rinse thoroughly with hot water – leave it to dry for a further few hours (depending on the environment) and you are ready to vape again.


Not only is the ArGo a brilliant portable vape that is great to look at and very functional, but it also gives you amazing flavour and a super smooth vape.

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With all of this as well as the super easy cleaning, 18650 replaceable batteries, a micro usb charging port; makes The Argo a very strong product in the market of portable vapes.

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